Embrace the True Christmas Spirit When Goopy Joins Santa’s Helpers

Santa's Elves meet the true Christmas spirit.

The Goopy Ghost at Christmas

(This ghost has true Christmas spirit.)

The orange ghost was friendly
and smiled at Santa's elf,
but the elf was very scared
and ran to save himself.

Revive Victorian ghost stories. Bust good ghosts. Enjoy ghostly pumpkin goop. Start your Goopy Ghost storybook collection here.

Bust Good Ghosts

In The Goopy Ghost at Christmas, a child wants to keep the orange “spirit”. The child's mother is not convinced.

Goopy's decorator designs for the season need some explaining. Santa will arrive to provide artful assistance.

Kids bust the magic of True Christmas spirit.
Adults and kids ponder true Christmas spirit.

True Christmas Spirit from Pumpkin Goop.

Pumpkins hold seeds of growth and wonder. Unexplained mysteries and hijinks give rise to true Christmas spirit and hope.

If cookies in Santa shape and in Goopy form are set out, would Goopy leave Santa's cookies alone? Goop splatters call for separate plates.

Downloadable Recipe

Share this downloadable recipe free of charge with family and friends. Celebrate Christmas with Simple Sugar Cookies. Right click to save the recipe in full size. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Goopy’s Nice and Messy

Victorian-Style Christmas Spirit:

Victorian Christmas spirit calls for readings of ghost stories. Folks won't get goosebumps or act afraid of Goopy.

This ghost is a role model for Flying Stingray Achievement. Download Little Ray's journal page to track everyday successes. 

The video is a brief reading from The Goopy Ghost at Christmas by author V. R. Duin. The dog may be a better actor.

Goopy wandered down a hall
that was dark, plain, and dreary,
so, the ghost began adding things
to make it bright and cheery.

Lilly watched from her bed as
that orange ghost used its goo
to paste ornaments on the wall
so they stuck like with glue!

Back and forth went Goopy
admiring its new art,
with dancing and gliding steps
that showed a happy heart.

“These are some of the miracles of Christmas seen through a child and a wee ghost. There also is a dog in the story. Goopy hugs everyone.”