Make Valentine Friends the Goopy Ghost Way

Mercury, Cupid and Mars make Valentine friends.

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

The message passed to Mercury,
whose winged helmet and feet
carried him far beyond the stars,
a messenger most elite!
(Make Valentine Friends the V. R. Duin way.)

Goopy prompts everyone to make Valentine friends around the campfire or in the pumpkin patch. Get started here.

Ghost Stories Make Valentine Friends

In the still of dark nights, phantoms can relay soft messages.  Campfire spirits keep embers alive and bring people together.

Campfire ghost stories free wild imaginations and deliver fun moments. Who doesn't love fanciful tales about ghosts?

People make Valentine friends by telling stories.
A family enjoys a Valentine's Day outing.

Make Valentine Friends Outdoors

Stories get no complaints at friendly gatherings. Adults relive childhoods. Kids gain exposure to the wide-open outdoors.

Ghost stories around a campfire are easy to plan or improvise. Goopy's celebration mode appeals to the child in everyone.

Make Valentine Friends in the Pumpkin Patch

Gardens and outdoor spaces bring good things to life. Goopy rose from a pumpkin. His Valentine friend came from a cantaloupe.

Imagine the possibilities for harvesting natural friends from your garden, orchard or pumpkin patch.

Goopy tells how to make Valentine friends from plants.
A campfire brings Valentine friends closer.

The Magic of Valentine Friends

Goopy calls on friendly Cupid — on his busiest day. Making friends with his bow and arrow is part of Cupid's Valentine's Day magic.

Who thinks ghosts don't need anyone? Why else would these advanced souls try to connect with fanciful and genuine friends?

Grow Pumpkins!

Transcript: “Grow Pumpkins! Pumpkins have a short shelf life. It should cause us no strife when they are baked, carved, or tossed, as long as more are grown”. See Goopy. (37 seconds)

Downloadable Card

 A card for family and friends