Make Valentine Friends With Goopy

Mercury, Cupid and Mars make Valentine friends.

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

(Make Valentine Friends the Goopy Ghost way.)

The message passed to Mercury,
whose winged helmet and feet
carried him far beyond the stars,
a messenger most elite!

Make Valentine friends around the campfire or in the garden. Get started here.

Ghost Stories Make Valentine Friends

In the still of dark nights, ghosts relay soft messages.  Campfire spirits keep embers alive and bring people together.

Campfire ghost stories get no complaints. Adults relive childhoods. Kids get exposure to the wide-open outdoors.

Ghost stories in the great outdoors are easy to plan. Goopy's celebration mode appeals to the child in everyone.

Make campfire friends on Valentine's Day
Make Valentine's Friends Goopy's way.

Problem-Solving Valentine Friends

Goopy calls on friendly Cupid — on his busiest day. Making friends with his bow and arrow is part of Cupid's magic.

Track friendship on Little Ray's journal page for Raccoon Problem-Solving. Natural friends are good for everyone.

Grow Friends!

Learn how to make fun valentine friends in gardens.

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