An Other-Worldly St. Patrick’s Day Party

Goopy boost spirits at a leprechaun party.

Goopy's St. Patrick's Party

Goopy Ghost's St. Patrick's party makes good wishes come true.

The bright orange ghost's shamrock gleamed
with luck of the Irish, it seemed.
St. Patrick's was near,
to bring much good cheer.
and answer wee leprechauns' dreams!
(The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day)

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Make Good Wishes

Goopy found the leprechaun inside a trap, pleading for help. A band of thieves locked him up and stole his gold.

Learn how they plan to get the gold back. Have reason to party. Entertain crowds with campfire ghost stories.


Invitation for Everyone

Create Ray & Shark Teamwork magic. The free download tracks real progress, not wishful thinking.

St. Patrick's parties, leprechauns, Irish limericks and sweet nothings aside, teamwork speeds goal completion.

Downloadable Greeting Card

Share this free St. Patrick's Day card with family and friends. Right click on the card to save it in full size. Goopy luck o' the Irish to one and all!

Goopy Ghost is a St. Patrick's Party Spirit

Put on Some Green!

Enjoy Irish scenes and limerick verses. The book is written entirely in Irish limerick verse. There would be no Emerald Isle without Limerick, the county in Ireland for which this rhyming style is named. Transcript:

This ghost is of Irish descent
and partying temperament.
Though his luck got sent
to this little gent,
he'll celebrate rather than vent.

These words are not from The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day book by V. R. Duin. The video animations are from the story. Spark a lively St. Patrick's Day Party with your fantastical friend! (42 seconds)