Birthday Away With the Right Adventure Story

Goopy's birthday away plan is about partying.

The Goopy Ghost on Your Birthday

Your party should be special.
It can’t be the same old thing.
To honor your special day,
We want to play, dance and sing!
(“The Goopy Ghost on Your Birthday”)

No matter where you are, however close or far, the Goopy Ghost birthday plan helps everyone celebrate your birthday here or celebrate your birthday away. Watch for this book in Little Ray Children's Books Store.

Birthday Here

Forget summaries. Follow the spirited antics from beginning to end. Spoilers would lessen the experience of goop-filled fun. Why give away the twists and turns of Goopy's plan? 

This ghost makes quick appearances and disappearances. Moreover, things come and go with him. These can be caught on the next fast-paced reading and learning adventure.

The Goopy Ghost birthday away table is set.

Can Ghosts See Themselves?

In "Mirrors are Bad Neighbors", can Goopy see himself? The text is not from a Goopy Ghost story. However, the animations are authentic and unaltered depictions from his celebrations.

The transcript about Goopy's appearance: “Mirror, mirror, can't you see? What you harbor can't be me. There is no time to whine and pout. I'll bet a dime it will grow out.” (33 seconds)

How Do Ghosts Appear?

A shadow seen from the corner of one's eye is eerie. It can take on a life of its own. Is it a thing? Could it be a person? What message is it carrying? Is it scaring up kid-friendly fun?

Shadowy figures from V. R. Duin are good friends and influences. It is fun to play with them, bend them, mold them and move them. Goopy can be close or celebrate a birthday away.

Balloons and goop add to birthday away fun.