Double Thanksgiving with Ideas from Goopy's Story

Goopy is on the trail to a double Thanksgiving.

The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving

Goopy saw the water rising
and thought, I should be enterprising.
I'll do my best to help my host.
Oh yes, Goopy is a kindly ghost.
(Double Thanksgiving with this V. R. Duin book.)

Make a difference in your community. Double the thankfulness of kids and adults with this Goopy Ghost haunt. Find the book here.

Double Thanksgiving Haunts

Thanksgiving celebrates the harvests of the past year with group meals. Participants often celebrate at more than one location.

Splitting time is common. Innovative plans thrive with teamwork and diversity. Cramped isolation may be harmful and unhealthy.

Group meals help to double Thanksgiving.
Pumpkin is a Thanksgiving fruit of the vine.

Double Thanksgiving Spirit

To offer entertainment, spark conversation and meet attendance goals, ghosts may invite themselves. Someone else may not arrive.

This often-homeless ghost carries the performance of socially responsible acts to adults and children everywhere.

The Future is Here

Goopy encourages children to learn new things and use their knowledge to benefit their communities.

This ghost sparks a whirlwind of childhood accomplishment that opens doors. Everyone is thankful when one success leads to others.

Everyone is thankful that the future is here.
Kids raise hands to double thanksgiving deeds.

Double Thanksgiving Efforts

Goopy helps children build a sense of responsibility and respect. One person can make a difference. Working for a common cause helps kids meet like-minded friends. All the while, they are contributing solutions to problems, seeing results and gaining leadership skills. Celebrate success.

Goop on Fire

The following Goop on Fire video is born of the challenge to keep a town from going up in flames during a the dry season. (1 minute 24 seconds)

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Transcript Particulars:

Super Emily visits Earth
From a star called Geminus.
Goopy Ghost calls her to help us.

Goopy Ghost:
“The town has a problem
with Campfires
during the dry season.”

Camp in Town Square
Next Saturday
Pitch your tent

Potluck dinner
Live Music
Ghost Stories

Super Emily:
“We can solve it.”

Goopy Ghost:
“While you tell the ghost stories,
I'll be the fire.”

Super Emily:
“Scream when you see the Goopy Ghost,
making believe he scares you most.”

“It's time for a warning:
For illegal burning,
we are not returning.
Prevention is our thing.”