How Do Ghosts Appear?

What Else Lurks Among Us? An unexplained shadow from the corner of one's eye is eerie. It can take on a life of its own. Is it a thing? Is it a person? Is it carrying a message? Is scaring up kid-friendly fun?

Ghost-Like Shadows? Shadowy figures may become close friends and good influences. It is fun to play with them, bend them, mold them and move them. Shadows can be safe places. They remain close, without oppression.

Lighting? Ghosts are illuminating. They typically accompany decorator strings of light in houses and lawns. Splendid color flows draw positive attention. Warm glows do not invite rolls of toilet paper or raw egg tosses.

Why Not See for Yourself?

To the Point? In Mirrors are Bad Neighbors, can Goopy see himself? The text is not from a Goopy Ghost story. The animations provide authentic and unaltered depictions from his holiday book series for children.

Space to Watch? What does the video transcript reveal about ghost vision acuity? “Mirror, mirror, can't you see? What you harbor can't be me. There is no time to whine and pout. I'll bet a dime it will grow out.” (33 seconds)

Can Ghosts Start Fads?

Star Power? People routinely imitate the clothing, accessories and shoes of admired celebrities. Expressing one's self in the unique style of a ghost may turn spring, summer, fall and winter fashion on its head with crazes.

High-End Ghosts? Other-worldly spirits are not nothingness. Ghostly presence and permanence could translate inaccessible flair into everyday wearable class. The appearance is sure to move crowds.

Lifestyle Statement? Fashion is not just about clothes. Popular, distinctive ghost trends should carry over into furnishings. Imagine pops of goop on the walls, floors and other home decorations. Now, you're seeing great things.

Are Ghosts the Future?

Love Hue? Memories of holiday traditions and phantoms endure. Holiday highlights and presences may be subtle or bold. Businesses are built upon manifestations or experimentations with new practices and experiences.

Close-Up? Goopy's portfolio is ready for acquisition. Content is king within an influential kingdom. Kingdoms are in need of constant content infusions. Take credit as the writer. Make Goopy your ghost.