The Goopy Ghost of Halloween


Make sure its home’s not burning

And all treats are tucked away

Or the goopy ghost might come

And stay and stay and stay.

The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving


Thanks is not bound in any way.

It isn’t tied to a certain day.

It isn’t tied to just one place.

Thanks has its very own grace.

The Goopy Ghost at Christmas


That’s how on that Christmas Eve

At Santa’s northern post

A helper for the elves arrived:

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine’s Day

Now there was a problrm!

Whoever would’ve guessed

That a silly, little ghost

Could create such a mess?

The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick’s Day

The ghost looked around for the key

And found it inside of a tree

The leprechaun danced

And cartwheeled and pranced

So happy was he to be free!



The words in this video remind us to grow pumpkins for our favorite ghost: Pumpkins have a short shelf life. It should cause us no strife when they are baked, carved or tossed, as long as more are grown. Pumpkins are home for the Goopy Ghost.

There are 2 other published titles for Goopy Ghost, as well as 4 pending Goopy Ghost titles.


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