Put on Some Green!

Let your friends hear you boast when you get to host this fun pumpkin ghost. The complete holiday story has our bright orange spirit mixing it up with leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day. The Goopy Ghost makes this holiday storybook fun for kids by rescuing a leprechaun and winning back his stolen pot of gold to save St. Patrick's Day. There are a lot of surprises along the way.

Enjoy the fun Irish scenes and the Irish limerick verse in this video. It may surprise you to learn the book is written entirely in Irish limerick verse. There would be no Emerald Isle without Limerick, the county in Ireland for which this rhyming style is named. The words from the video are not extracted from The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day holiday storybook fun for kids. The words to this pumpkin ghost video are presented in limerick verse:

This ghost is of Irish descent
and partying temperament.
Though his luck got sent
to this little gent,
he'll celebrate rather than vent.

Although these words are not from The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day book, the illustrations in the video are taken from that story. Limericks also are used to enhance the holiday storybook fun for kids in many of the pages on this website. Happy St. Patrick's Day from your pumpkin ghost friend!
(42 seconds)

The Goopy Ghost has posted sample limericks on Goopy Challenge to encourage friends and colleagues to scare up a bit of limerick verse for the challenge. Amazing word-smithing offerings sent to his social media pages are sure to add new spirit to Goopy Ghost's Irish holiday storybook fun for kids. Child-friendly verses will be included on the Goopy Challenge page of this website, with credit to the creative talent behind the limerick fun! As the examples show, your verses need not be about the pumpkin ghost.

Four-leaf clovers help out a bit.
Let's push forward rather than quit.
With green clover luck
And hard-driving pluck,
Our work might become a big hit!