Our unique ghost stories bring celebration to life for children.

Bust fears and boost spirits with our celebration-themed stories.

Put on a show with unique ghost stories.

Unique Ghost Stories

Scare up fun with unique ghost stories for kids. Put on a show with playful props. Add "OOO" ghost sound effects.

Overcome holiday stress by scaring up fun pursuits. Goopy switches the focus to spending quality time with people.

Boost Spirits

Who enjoys holiday bashers? Stories about ghosts are filled with emotion, fun and intrigue. Kids read them over and over.

Goopy's pumpkin essence offers joyful escape from real-world problems. This clever ghost scares up magical adventure.

Who prefers holiday bashers over holiday makers?
Goop is a sign left behind by the Goopy Ghost in unique ghost stories for kids.

Ghost Signs

This ghost sheds pumpkin goop wherever he goes, 'cause that's what he's made of — from his head to his toes.

The orange slime left behind is a telltale sign of a Goopy visit. Children find real uses for pumpkin goop. Plants lead to many inventions.

Goopy ooo-ooo-Song

Sing the praises of Goopy’s ooo song.

Open and close every day, month and year with spirited fun.


Unique Ghost Stories Inspire Kids

Goopy's wise morals inspire ideas for better living. The celebration-themed stories for children ages 3 to 8 spark playtime.

Goopy Ghost adds welcoming spirit to Little Ray Children's Books. This natural spirit is at home where animals swim, fly and roam.