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Help Others. The nonprofit that Goopy represents welcomes specialized support. Share in our story. Introduce our cause. Promote giving. Inspire followers. Write a review. Help proofread this website. Share a post. Host a Waffles for Sharks cookout, treat handout or cleanup event.

Record a video reading segment. Photograph a reading. Create video clips that deliver book messages of impact to young lives. Read to early learners at local community centers and/or buy our books to donate to your favorite cause. Help us print Goopy Ghost stickers and bags for treat handouts.

Add benefit to holiday celebration, without excess commercialism. Ask if your employer will issue volunteer grants so that employees can help others spread the merit of this charitable cause. Your company's volunteer grant programs may pay $8-$15 for your each of your volunteer hours with us.

Goopy Ghost, V. R. Duin and Little Ray Children’s Books share the same email, because we serve the same charitable missions. Thank YOU!

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Transcript Particulars:

The Goopy Ghost and Super Emily help us solve messy problems. (This battle is with graffiti.)

Goopy Ghost calls upon Super Emily for help. She arrives from a star called Geminus. Together, they host a town cleanup that puts an end to graffiti and raises awareness about proper messaging. Improving our communities gives cause for celebration.


Town Cleanup

Potluck Dinner

Live Music

Ghost Stories

Next Saturday

Town Square

Goopy Ghost: “Who's Telling the ghost stories?”
Super Emily: “The town people can tell your stories.”


“This ghost sheds pumpkin goop

wherever it goes

'cause that's what it's made of

from its head to toes.”


“Paint is a mess,

but goop washes out.

There are better ways

to get messages out!”


“Help Others.”

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