Save Halloween with a Ghostly Partner!

Goopy works to save Halloween and a burning pumpkin.

The Goopy Ghost of Halloween

Eek! Oh! Ouch!
That goopy, ghostly goo
held out its flaming hand
and blew and blew and blew.
(This ghost plans to Save Halloween.)

Move over Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. Make way for Goopy Ghost to save Halloween by scaring up fun treats for kids' goodie bags. Find Goopy's Halloween classic here.

Scare Up Fun Treats

Goopy can do for Halloween what Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny do for other holidays. Visions push folks to amazing discoveries.

Change comes with whimsy and wild chance on far-fetched notions. Goopy is the perfect candidate to deliver change to Halloween.

Goopy scares up fun treats to save Halloween.
Save Halloween with gifts delivered by Goopy.

Kids' Goodie Bags

Goopy's delivery plan adds safety and value to Halloween. This ghost can deliver goodie bags filled with parent-approved gifts and treats.

This V. R. Duin ghost has a wild side, but he gives children joy. They sense Goopy's kind and gentle nature.

Save Halloween from Tricks

Some ghosts have cobweb textures. Others produce cold breezes. The pumpkin ghost leaves behind a trail of goop for lasting bliss.

Pumpkin goop is bright and zestful. It may take a while to clear from homes. Who would banish this amaze-ball source of merriment?

Save Halloween pumpkins from pranks.
Ghosts and pumpkins can save Halloween.

Halloween Belongs to Ghosts

Ghost times with children should be lighthearted moments of escape. Fling open the door to Goopy's theatrical reboot of celebration.

Tell ghost stories. Save Halloween with Goopy's otherworldly ways to deliver treats to young celebrants.

Halloween Is Prowling!

In this Halloween video, winds blow, lions roar and wolves howl. Wail along as you play it. Get attention from far and wide with “OOO” ghost sound effects.

Transcript: The lions are roaring and the wolves are howling. I'd stay in bed snoring, but my stomach is growling. Today won't be boring: Halloween is PROWLING! (51 seconds)