Tales About the Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day


The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day

Our goopy ghost looked very hard
To find a wee leprechaun guard.
At last, through the trees,
The ghost heard a sneeze.
A leprechaun couldn't be far!
(The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day)

Goopy Ghost's St. Patrick party comes with an invitation for everyone to make good wishes come true, then celebrate tasks done for community benefit.

Make Good Wishes

Ready To Ramble? Wishes strengthen attachments to the present. They drag attention from disturbing worries and help achieve goals. Why wonder when we can discover ghosts' hidden truths to ponder?

All the Angles? Pursuing goals sparks vibrancy. Goopy's fascinating exploits give life-enhancing opportunities. Uniqueness opens new possibilities. Success requires calm moves against everyday fears.

Shore Leave? Pleasure makes everyone aware of feelings of the moment. Alertness heightens with each Goopy visit. Outer consequences squelch boredom. They lead to deeper understandings.

Invitation for Everyone

About Face? Ghostly pumpkin goop encourages explorations into other substances shed by ghosts. Head trips can be done without leaving home. The discoveries may seem otherworldly.

Master Stroke? Ghost activity has no timetable, time block, or fixed schedule. Helping others beats finding pots of gold. Magic begins when Goopy saves the leprechaun from the thieves' trap.

Beach Day? Goopy is not just about wishful thinking. Leprechaun parties, Irish limericks, and sweet nothings aside, he completes unfinished business. Nobody will confuse belief with desire.

Celebrate Tasks Done

Behind the Music? Involve others in exploring work by this friendly ghost. Findings may lead to a super level of consciousness and stump paranormal researchers. Nobody will be bored.

Higher Ground? Adventurers gather memories from fun adventures on land or water. Their stories thrill listeners and bring feedback from generations of fans. Nobody may venture as far alone.

Cut Above? Goopy is humbled by the good deeds and the credit owed to heroic friends. Selfless concern leads to social, economic, and environmental benefits for everyone to live and relive.

Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day

Put on Some Green!

Enjoy fun Irish scenes and limerick verses. The book is written entirely in Irish limerick verse. There would be no Emerald Isle without Limerick, the county in Ireland for which this rhyming style is named. Video transcript:

This ghost is of Irish descent
and partying temperament.
Though his luck got sent
to this little gent,
he'll celebrate rather than vent.

These words are not from The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day book. The video animations are from the story. Happy St. Patrick's Day to kids and adults from your fantastical friend! (42 seconds)