The Goopy Ghost is in the possession of thieves on St. Patrick's Day, displayed at 40% of viewport width.
August 2020 by Terry Verduin


The thieves thought the guard was quite brash
for shopping with bright golden cash.
So they took tight hold
of all of his gold
then dashed from his grove to their stash!
(The Goopy Ghost at Saint Patrick's Day)

Learn signs of spirit possession and answers to other important questions: can ghosts possess people, are all ghosts scary. Find out if deliverance is possible from spirits or ghosts.

Spirits or Ghosts

Colorful Characters? All ghosts are spirits. Not all spirits are ghosts. Ghosts are visions remaining after death. Spirits are non-physical manifestations of a person. After death, human emotions survive, with life-like character.

On the Edge? Spirits, not ghosts, may influence the will, mind and emotions of people. They may be good or bad, like human feelings or moods. They may provide guidance, healing, encouragement, love and enlightenment.

Continuous Loop? Other-worldly ghosts generally have goals of experimentation, search, entertainment, innovation and discovery rather than possession. Ghosts are faintly visible and barely audible residual entities.

The Seedy Side? Ghosts often are seen in dark, lonely, old, scary, wild places. Paranormal investigators use the term poltergeists for scary ghosts. These figures seem to curse the world after traumatic events.

Are All Ghosts Scary?

Repetitive and Uncomplicated? Ghosts are likely to challenge their hosts with a bit of mischief for amusement. Rather than control, they seem to seek attention. Ghosts tend to be playful, curious and mischievous.

Fine Form? Ghosts may reveal hidden knowledge of secrets. They may get a bad rap for demonic possession, oppression, extreme physical strength or contempt. These may be symptoms of other tragic human problems.

Stuck in Time? Some phantoms may be angry with failure to adjust their spiritual energy to the present physical world. An inability to reverse time or to change their outcomes may manifest as troubling activities.

Have it All? Science eventually may explain rare energy forces. Physics-based theories warrant further exploration. Many unstudied natural phenomena may be awaiting the arrival of real scientists.

A Higher Calling

Cold Calling? Mediums, psychics and spiritual leaders claim they are able communicate with spirits. Who, other than spirits themselves, can discredit self-proclaimed experts about past and present levels of existence?

Biblical View? It is set forth in Ecclesiastes 9:5: “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.”

Prayers? Online or off, verses of liberation, healing, protection and deliverance from evil are common to many religions. Deliverance ministries offer ongoing counseling, distinguishing them from other protective rites.

Rosy Futures? Ministries fight problems relating to oppressive spirits, not soulful ghosts. They remove items for idol worship or of spiritual harm from homes. They relieve distress of sins with help from “Guardian Angels”.

Signs of Spirit Possession

Big Picture? Spirit possession generally is seen as a bad thing in cultures throughout the world. It is described as an unwelcome control or unwilling manipulation. The effects may be painful for friends, coworkers and family.

Blurred Lines? Signs of spirit possession include loss of energy, appetite or a total change in temperament. If thieves take gold, someone loses physical possession. Spirit possession may be psychological or emotional.

Soft Touch? Symptoms include seeing, hearing and feeling impacts on people, animals or things. For individual sufferers, the ECSO promotes the potentiality of safe therapies.

End of Suffering? Suffering beings should not be denied confidential help. Worry and guilt from loss of self-control coupled with suggestion by others can create a pattern of life-long belief that someone is a victim of bad spirits.

Head Trips

Smothering Spirits? Unfortunate victims may be labeled as “possessed”. The Spiritual Research Foundation reports “30% of the world population is possessed and 50% is affected by surrounding demonic energies”.

Blown Away? Human minds may tie spirit possession ideas to unexplained fears. The existence of spirits is a matter of individual interpretation. Sightings often occur at times of weakness, confusion, distress or ill health.

Cause or Effect? Repeated local reports of a Ghost Sighting are received as evidence. However, people label ghosts as “good” or “bad” based on imprecise recall and exaggeration of opinion chains.

Real? EVP involves associations of sounds to things making them. Utterances often are heard by investigators on recorders after leaving physical sites. Objectivity is required to accurately interpret these sounds.

Clinical Trials

Placebo? This refers to an inactive drug or treatment used in a clinical trial. Doctors may prescribe “sugar pill” for anxiety, cough, cramps, depression, fatigue, insomnia and pain. If patients think they work, they do work.

Nocebo? This effect results when patients expect or worry about an adverse effect to a drug or treatment. Negative thinking can conjure up negative results that would not otherwise have been likely to occur.

Fake Out? Doctors may administer powerful drugs, labeled and stated to be placebos. Believing the drug to be fake, the patient likely will report the drug has less effect than normally expected.

Mind Over Matter? Scientific research suggests the human mind plays a major role in healing, maintaining or sickening the connected human body. Positive and negative thoughts influence health and medical outcomes.

Something Else

Synaesthesia? The stimulation of one sense can trigger an automatic, involuntary combination of senses. Research proves some people can taste sounds, smell colors or see scents. They experience reality quite differently.

Hallucinations? Perceptual disturbances from strange lights may give warnings of a pending migraine headache or a seizure. These advanced perceptions also may be symptomatic of dehydration or sleep deprivation.

Delusions? Actions toward unusual goals may appear to contradict reality. Those who persist with determined, unrelenting efforts to live up to strong beliefs may be labeled as stupid, fanciful, mistaken or mentally ill.

Passion? Individuals on a strict weight-loss or allergy-restricted diet may be considered “possessed”. Rigid schedules and strict efforts for redirection or reconnection with oneself deserve respect and understanding.

Spotlight on Truth

Extension? Substance addiction behaviors may mimic those of spirit possession. Spiritual and mental or physical health counseling may ease withdrawal symptoms and aid recovery. Permanent marks may remain.

Connection with Reality? Obsessive-compulsive behaviors may disrupt life and work functions. Conventional medical or psychiatric intervention may result in diagnosis and treatment. Medications may be prescribed.

Side Effects? When lethargy, dizziness, restlessness, nausea, constipation or weight gain from prescriptions seems worse than the illness, patients refuse to take them. There may be no cure. Withdrawal can have bad side effects.

Change for the Worse? When no improvement comes with conventional treatments, and demonic spirit possession is suspected, consultation with a spiritual leader or counsel may renew faith for healing.

Can Ghosts Possess People?

Body of Evidence? Belief in the paranormal is rising. The Chapman University Paranormal 2018 Survey of American Fears gives statistics about beliefs in spirits, aliens, Bigfoot, haunted houses and psychic powers.

Unfinished Business? Phantoms may not intend to disturb or control folks. They seem tied to their past lives. They speak their native languages. They cannot force people to speak in unknown tongues. They do get reactions.

Travel within Physical Space? Ghosts are not likely to float over and take possession of anyone. They may not have the free will or sufficient energy to leave the area from which their bodies departed this world.

Blithe Spirits? Scary ghosts are unlikely to cause spirit possession. It is unlikely any ghosts can provide professional solutions for disruptive human behaviors. They can deliver distraction and mind-altering experiences.


Converts? Spiritualism describes the possibility of life in entities detached from physical bodies. Millions of followers interpret this belief as science and religion. Is it merely modern witchcraft?

Hat Trick? Some Christian denominations claim they can call satanic spirits, but they cannot send them away. Entertaining ghosts do not present problems or obstacles for church-going congregations or their leaders.

Familiar Spirits? Per 2 Chronicles 33:6, to use enchantments, use witchcraft and deal with a familiar spirit, and with wizards is evil in the eyes of the LORD and provokes Him to anger.

Empathy? Spirit possession is more complex than haunting forms. Goopy reminds friends they cannot be possessed by ghosts. This ghostly platform holds the only items he possesses. He hopes people will turn to his stories.

What if Deliverance is Possible?

Different Interventions? Deliverance from problems of a spiritual nature or cause begins with prayer and laying of hands for faith healing. It is accompanied by ongoing guidance to perpetuate the hope that God will free a victim from spiritual affliction.

The Shift? Rituals aspire to fill sufferers with renewed faith. Exorcism is a respected healing practice in Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism. Practices open divine portals to higher spirits in some African cultures.

Action? Exorcisms are dramatic in nature. The rituals include divine prayers, blessed incense and speaking in tongues. Exorcised crucifixes, water, salt and oil also are commonly used in these fights against evil.

Moving On? Catholic, Charismatic, Pentecostal and Evangelical churches practice exorcism to expel or transform evil spirits. The author has witnessed religious works of exorcism for protection or reversal.

Roman Sacraments

Catholic theology enumerates seven sacraments, which are sacred acts or ceremonies, like baptism, communion, confession or marriage. Exorcism is a sacramental, involving objects. Objects, persons and places can be cursed.

Pond Jumping? The International Association of Exorcists is a select Roman Catholic Church organization with a quarterly newsletter. Members study and share difficult or interesting cases of spirit possession or healing.

Special Training? In 2018, the Catholic News Agency announced Vatican Trains Exorcists as Demonic Possession Claims Rise. Classes meet a surge in demonic activity with a burgeoning need to help possessed people.

Controversial? Few priests are appointed as exorcists. Few young priests want to serve in this way. The growing need for exorcists may be blamed upon increasing reliance on the occult for predictions and guidance.