The Goopy Ghost of Halloween
May 2017 by V. R. Duin


There, in the kitchen corner,
Slept a goopy, droopy ghost
And their treats from Halloween
Were sadly gone — almost!
(“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween”)

Adults who appreciate ghostly visits, like those in “The Conjuring” or “The Conjuring 2”, will not be frightened to find the Goopy Ghost scaring up fun for children with his goop-filled haunts.

There may be no spoilers in print or other media to give away the twists and turns of the goop-filled haunts in the Goopy Ghost's books and videos. Why read summaries when scaring up fun for children with the Goopy Ghost and for adults with “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2” is so entertaining? It is not accidental that solid winners take most of the bounty, so how do the goop-filled haunts of a goopy ghost become solid? This is a world based on numbers and volumes.

Ghosts have neither form nor substance. Therefore, ghosts must appeal to people who like fun scares and good haunts. In the still of the darkest of nights, this goopy goo of a ghost may be a little ghoulish and greedy, and frighten folks just a little. However, his goop-filled antics are scaring up fun for children who follow his goop trail. Ghosts do not worry about advertising, promotional costs, or building volume in the fewest possible things. Word-of-mouth communication spreads quickly when someone sees, feels or hears a ghost. When scaring up fun for children or adults, ghosts focus on just one real thing or truly special individual. People do the rest to make the thrill other-worldly and attention-getting.

Ghosts are all about scaring up fun for children and adults. Ghosts do not consider the costs of resetting production lines or the selling costs. It is probably not good for business to have a ghost around. Properties often get discounted when people learn they are haunted by a ghost or ghosts. Consider this positive, possible outcome of ghostly visits: each haunted home may represent an affordable housing opportunity. Might there be a discount on haunted houses with ghostly visitors like those in “The Conjuring” or from “The Conjuring 2” produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.? Wouldn't you like to buy a goop-filled, Goopy Ghost haunted house?

Imagine the goop-filled fun this wee orange visitor leaves behind! Might Goopy visit the house, again? The Goopy Ghost is scaring up fun for children in goop-filled books and videos that are not too scary to follow in full, again and again. Goopy's haunts are quite unlike the events created by entertainment companies for adult haunts. This bright orange spirit is on a mission to find a pumpkin home, but he might be willing to settle for a tent of treats or other goop-filled haunts. Goopy Ghost children's books and videos are all about scaring up fun for children. “OOO-OOO-OOO”!

  • Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

    • Goop-Filled Haunts admin says:

      In books and videos, the Goopy Ghost provides goop-filled haunts for everyone, including children.

    • The Conjuring 2 admin says:

      Shouldn't an appreciation of ghosts, like those in “The Conjuring” or “The Conjuring 2”, be shared through ghostly fun for children?

      • Scaring Up Fun for Childrenadmin says:

        The Goopy Ghost comes out of left field and surprise everyone by scaring up fun for children that gets everyone talking.