The Goopy Ghost at Christmas puts his phantom ideas to work in Santa's workshop displayed at 40% of viewport width.
April 2020 by Terry Verduin


The orange ghost worked each day
to make the workshop bright
and bring the tiny elves some joy
while making toys at night.
(The Goopy Ghost at Christmas)

Success comes when creative individuals find a niche for the big screen in phantom ideas, make the right connections and avoid sleeping ghosts.

Think Like a Ghost

Triple Threat? Concentrations of thought haunt, impassion and keep folks awake at night. These may tap into light for the big screen. Success requires making the right connections. This sounds easy, but it is hard.

Compare and Contrast? It may help to think like a thoughtful, useful, beneficial ghost. Influencers make collective use of their time. Deliberate actions assemble select people to create and spread epic news.

Super Natural? Phantom ideas are mastered by conscious control. Craft combined with technology improves a creator's chance. Tech users recognize and achieve opportunities with vibrant content, not hidden messages.

Deep Thought? Daily work on websites, blogs and social media requires studious introspection. Engagement spreads awareness. Interactions with others may speed up the generation of collaborative, large-scale concepts.

Don't Become Coincidental

One & Only? Ad-blocking browser extensions used by consumers prevent the download or display of advertising. When ghosts pop up, can anything or anyone stop them? Entrepreneurs must become equally unstoppable.

Random Chance? Synchronicity may not be a mere coincidence. Behind unlikely occurrences, such as running into someone simultaneously with thoughts or intuitions, a cosmic force or deeper intelligence may be at work.

Open Water? Fleeting, phantom ideas come stealthily. Best-performing ideas can change fortunes and give positive contributions to society. Ghostwriting may help execute phantom-like concepts in a timely and discreet fashion.

Take Me to Your Leader! Big business was behind the co-written mystic arts blockbuster Dr. Strange. Cosmic intelligence, spiritual enlightenment and astral projection through meditation, hypnosis or trances help keep pace.

Feel the Vibes

Feel the Pull? Some animals not only feel the Earth's magnetic fields; they use them for navigation. Special people claim to be human magnets. Can ghosts move objects with augmented geomagnetic senses?

Mind over Matter? Systems are designed for endurance. Energy rests. It doesn't sleep. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can change form. It may help to think of ghosts as an energy form to be harnessed wisely.

Pastel Play? An OBE can spur action. Introduced by G. N. M. Tyrell in Apparitions, OBE is to see oneself with a second body. Thomas Edison induced this awakened mind state for inventiveness while asleep.

Blue Yonder? OBE bi-location and lucid-dream states lend drama to the mundane. Psychedelic hallucinations can be caused by drugs, shocks, intense efforts or near-death experiences. Paranormal visions are safer and better.

Avoid Sleeping Ghosts

Loud and Proud? It is not possible to be asleep and take control of HTML for website design and management or experiment with SEO for content research, organization, planning and development to spread the word.

High Life? Ghosts deserve another life cycle. To convert sleeping ghosts to professional, visible quality requires time. Commercial skills, perceptions and networks develop with longevity of effort and concentration of thought.

Repair Needed? Sleeping ghosts are not like sleeping people. Sleep works to repair human muscles, organs, and other cells to keep people feeling young and healthy. Ghosts no longer worry about physical health or aging.

Showstopper? Stagnant platforms, without constantly updated content, fresh images and new ideas quickly go dormant. Neither people nor search engines are attracted to sleepers. Massaging the picture keeps folks “awoke”.

Grab Attention

Inside Knowledge? Historic ghostly insights and back stories show opportunity comes with doing, not waiting. Gradual testing of ideas, identifying strategies and adapting at the forefront of trends are necessary.

Sweet and Low? Quality content works better than advertising to create visibility among particular souls. Production of the right stuff takes time, not money. For anyone who can write, pushing the boundaries comes naturally.

The Next Act? Experimentation and time are required to effectively combine ingredients, become experts in a field and gain understanding of the market. Ghosts seem to practice with sounds, tricks or devices to build audiences.

Levitate? Giveaways or price discounts before an official release date, celebrity appearance, allied event or related announcement, on a major channel, immediately can pilot printed editions onto bestseller lists.


Bathed in Beauty? A soul must awaken to whatever is evolving. Success requires awareness. Sleep cycles often repeat throughout the night, night after night. Cycles in the development of perfect concepts rarely get completed.

On Demand? Repetitive failures with different ideas in different ways and at different times may end with a win. Fail, detect and repeat cycle in a perpetual loop, until something works. Ghosts withstand time and conflict.

Seeing Double? Weird blends may provoke audiences to decipher messages of philosophy or cosmology into strange and unintended outcomes. Surreal and metaphysical dream sequences can be imbued with deeper meaning.

Season of Change? As computer-generated effects evolve in mysterious fashion, psychic powers may help discern what is artificial from what is real. No scientific method yet measures out-of-brain levels of consciousness.

Make the Right Connections

Room at the Top? IAC is a not-for-profit education and data research center. It focuses on the science of consciousness. Scientific IAC studies and practices prove humans are far more than mere physical beings.

Luminous Glow? A study conducted in 2009 by Japanese researcher showed human bodies glimmer in visible light. People cannot see it. Light may speed through ghosts, improving vision. This ghostly glow may remain behind.

Sky High? Ghosts deserve respect. They have the essentials to expose lifestyles to which individuals can relate and with which multitudes can grow and prosper. Perpetuity of delay and effort falls away at the zenith of glory.

Lively Step? Adding focused materials to existing mainstream platforms should be win-win. Celebrated brands often have no time to build stockpiles. Everyone seems to want big-name effects filling their lives. Outsiders help.

Find a Niche for the Big Screen

Chain Reaction? One victory may lead to others. Audio/video productions, news media, social media posts, reading performances, book reviews and creative suggestions push followers beyond the average realm of influence.

Walk to Remember? Production should not become laborious. It can be fun to take a peek at crowd-pulling competitors or make a trip down memory lane. Analysis may uncover the reasons once-effective content takes dives.

Fringe Art? Building content should feel ghostly, not ghastly. It may be difficult to measure costs spent to gain initial results. After a spell, combined resources may pick up speed to carry fulfilling, exciting ideas to mainstream.

True to Form? Anyone can test the creative business market. The faster and more abundant the supply, the less patience remains for products. Forward thinkers may get ahead with new trends and growth-oriented assistance.