October 2018 by V. R. Duin


The Goopy Challenge is sure to motivate kids to achieve success by developing the confidence needed to build the next action video or video game with Bge success.

Moving content with meaning in Goopy books and in the Goopy Challenge videos is good fun. This friendly ghost encourages kids to learn things to achieve success with their goals. He encourages thinking, so problem solving and creativity grow. Children also need to know how to do things. Show his action videos to the children in your lives. Talented, imaginative kids are likely to find inspiration in Goopy's story books and the videos across this website. He encourages children to take on challenges. He helps them push forward to victory Bge with their goals.

Goopy wants to help kids find brilliant solutions to pressing problems in our communities. One children learn about things and how to do things, they are ready to put their knowledge to use. Children are driving many rebellions to shatter dark and painful aspects that have been enshrined in our society for too many years. Tweet or post the successful ideas of children with content, including illustrations, for new action figures in books videos or video games. Children motivated to success by this bright, orange ghost are celebrated. Winning is a hallmark of Bge success. It is featured in Goopy's social media and elsewhere online.

The Goopy Challenge should motivate kids to achieve success by testing their creativity with ideas for new books, videos or games. Talented children may move on to develop a new concept in an action video or action game that rises to the level of Bge. Children need to continue learning and practicing to reach their goals. There is no reason why a child cannot produce moving action that rivals Bge in popularity. Goopy hopes to inspire and motivate kids to triumph by developing tech skills and training for a creative craft that captures and displays the essence and notions of their souls.

The Goopy Ghost gives kids an opportunity to achieve success by recording and entering their Ghost Hunting and Ghost Busting activities into his social media posts and tweets. This bright orange ghost encourages young fans to step up for the challenge of producing the next level of video or game through this action video challenge. Children are encouraged to devote time to the development of enduring creative outlets for Bge success. The world is ready for new talents and ideas.

The Goopy Challenge is designed to motivate kids to victory. Goopy encourages success in his writings, videos and posts or tweets on social media. Many of Goopy's youngest friends have proudly displayed story lines and artwork for pending titles on his social media pages. They are also found on the pages of delighted family members. Goopy is proud these productions were inspired by written work and illustrations from his holiday books. This goopy, droopy ghost inspires kids to build creativity. A whirlwind of accomplishment opens many doors to victory. One success can lead to others.

Goopy also welcomes friends' comments. Any ideas or accomplishments motivated by this ghost are celebrated. Reach out to the Goopy Ghost through social media. The action video below takes about 1 minute 30 seconds to play. Goopy encourages adults to combine efforts with their children. Challenge and motivate kids to achieve success by tackling new goals with confidence. Through practice, children can develop and achieve the creative excellence of Bge success with their individual endeavors. This ghost believes awareness and participation are keys to success.

In celebration of creative writing talents, The Goopy Ghost also invites friends and colleagues to submit a bit of Irish limerick excellence to the world.

Let's keep Irish culture alive
For kids up to age ninety-five:
Leprechaun antics,
Irish semantics
And good limericks in high drive.

Friends and colleagues, who follow the creator of the Goopy Ghost, should be familiar with V. R. Duin's latest endeavor, set forth in limerick verse:

It's time to get rid of some stuff.
I've moved it about quite enough.
It just collects dust
And mildew and rust,
But downsizing proves to be tough!

For the final limerick example, Goopy's favorite limerick verse from The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day follows. Luck o' the Irish as you work to beat it with a new limerick of your own for submission for this special occasion and possible publication on the Goopy Challenge website page. Be sure to provide a link, so Goopy can help generate traffic to your website.

Of course, the thieves didn't realize
This pot held a ghostly surprise.
Within that fake gold
Lurked Goopy the bold!
Oh what a fantastic disguise!

The idea behind the Goop on Fire video is born of challenge. The action takes place during a visit by Super Emily to Earth from a star called Geminus. At her location, she teams up with the Goopy Ghost. Goopy and Super Emily work together to help solve a problem with campfires during a ban to keep the town from going up in flames. The town is in a drought. Accept their invitation to the fun challenge of fixing this. There will be ghost stories. Try to come up with solutions to common problems for your towns. Have good, safe fun along the way. (1 minute 30 seconds)

Goop on Fire

Motivate Kids to Achieve Success.

  • Bge Success Goopy says:

    Children like a challenge and work hard for Bge success, because they learn a lot, while giving their time huge meaning.

  • motivate kids to achieve success Goopy says:

    Bge is a very popular video game that can motivate kids to achieve success by building new games.

    • Goopy ChallengeGoopy says:

      This holiday ghost is honored that children like him and may feel motivated to achieve Bge success with the Goopy Challenge.