The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving
June 2017 by V. R. Duin


Goopy saw the water rising
And thought, I should be enterprising.
I'll do my best to help my host.
Oh yes, Goopy is a kindly ghost.
(“The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving”)

It's not necessary to become ghosts for unknown writers to rise like stars using these ghosting ideas that will make ghostwriters proud to be ghostwriting.

Ghosting Ideas Can Help New Writers Rise Like Stars. The passion for a writer's work may quickly fade when that work proves to generate a paltry readership and little income. This is often the fate of new and unknown writers. It may be helpful for a new, unknown writer to turn written work over in the form of ghostwriting that someone celebrated can carry forward. When new and unknown writers cannot seem to gain any traction for their work on their own, selling it as ghosting ideas to a celebrity may help both of them rise like stars. A celebrity may be able to move an unknown writer's work forward as a ghosted addition to an existing franchise or syndicate for the advantage of both. Credit eventually may arrive to the source.

Ghostwriting may be a writer's best opportunity to sell past, present and future content and rise like stars. It is easier for celebrities to build a following for new material than it is for unknown writers with no history, ranking or following. It also is efficient, cost-effective and profitable for publishing houses to add new ghosting ideas to their celebrated authors' platforms. It is risky for publishers to add unfamiliar content from newcomers, then try to develop platforms for this unknown marvel. Mass marketing and merchandising thrive on sequels, reruns and repetitions. As ghostwriters for celebrated clients, new and unknown writers receive immediate payment for ghostwriting. Ghostwriters for mainstream authors do not have to pay to publish, then wait for unlikely royalties from highly speculative sales.

Commercial Arts, Publishing and Entertainment Businesses Depend upon Ghostwriters for their Celebrities Celebrities have a name that keeps them busy with public relations and promotional activities. They may have neither time nor interest in filling the burgeoning, ongoing need for content for every business need. A literary agent can represent parties to the sale and purchase of ghostwriting. Should the ghosted ideas become a bestseller or a huge generator of traffic, it helps to have worked with an agent. Royalties and other additional forms of payment can be worked into ghostwriting contracts. Ghostwriting for celebrities may be the best source of income to pay for an up-and-coming writer's work. The experience and connections gained through the ghosted work ultimately may help unknown writers rise like stars.

New and unknown writers may fail to recognize the time and experience required to create quality content for a niche market. Hiring a ghostwriter can help professionals rise like stars by expanding a career to a new field or turning a mediocre book into a raging success. Celebrated ghostwriters can serve as excellent mentors for beginning writers. Ghosted ideas can also be helpful for the creation of the online promotional content needed to make new and unknown writers visible to the target market. Ghostwriting can result in a bigger slice of the desired business. This ghost thinks that a slice of anything is better than all of nothing. What do you think? Is it time for a change of pen name? That is this ghost's goal.


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    There are online resources for ghostwriting ideas, some of which list available ghosting assignments with non-speculative rates of pay.

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    Ghosting ideas may provide interesting and valuable content, connections and experiences.

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      Ghostwriters may acquire an education from a skilled expert when learning to write about the client's subject matter.