The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving does not just have ghostly ideas, he helps out as displayed at 40% of viewport width.
June 2019 by Terry Verduin


Goopy saw the water rising
and thought, I should be enterprising.
I'll do my best to help my host.
Oh yes, Goopy is a kindly ghost.
(The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving)

Here's how unknown writers benefit from ghosting as ghostwriters doing ghostwriting with ghosting ideas from the Goopy Ghost to rise like stars with literary or journalistic texts.

Making an Entrance? Ghostwriting is productive teamwork. Ground-breaking writers bring written work to life in the name of someone celebrated. Ghostwriters receive immediate payment without further ado.

All the Frills? Clients pay real money for book drafting. A full manuscript can earn payment of U.S. $10,000-to-$25,000, or more. Readers strengthen loyalties to their favorites with new fuel. Cooperation gets win-win results.

Magical Ride? Collaborative ventures may send credit and additional income to content producers. Percentages of a star's royalties beat sorry income splits between amateurs in which revenues rarely meet costs.

Content Needs Kings. Great content entertains, fulfills purposes, builds strengths and meets goals. People want to be a part of big campaign trends with solid structures and innovations against which to reflect.

Kings Need Kingdoms. There are no kings without kingdoms to give context to them. People chase big names. Trending features attract hits. A secure website with embedded social media links may capture aware thought.

Secret? Ghostwriters have no need to go into death-defying hiding, stay on the run or escape vengeful readers. The die-hard horror experience, grim immersion, creepy thrill or dark freak-out is someone else's “ghost-ship”.

Mirror Image? Ghostwriting is not ghastly. It is not plagiarism. It is a legal, common, paying job. Innovative perspectives thrive with collaboration. Claustrophobic lone-scripting isolation may be harmful and unhealthy.

Surfer Squad? To lend credibility, new brands need massive individual followings or a large, influential name behind them. Convincing one influencer to give support seems easier than luring thousands of adoring fans.

Play Tag? It may help to tag big names involved in an activity or accomplishment. Everyone appreciates genuine expressions of gratitude for good results. Collaborating teams and tools make important contributions.

Sheer Luck? Online mention may lead to referrals and connections. Influential allied sites, directories and listings linked to a writer's website are votes of confidence. These inbound, or backlinks, reflect popularity.

Reach Out? Hash tags help target an audience by identifying subjects of mutual interest. Relevant tips, error-resolution breakthroughs or notices about new awarenesses tend to circulate among administrators and users.

Round Trip? Internal links to other pages within a site may prompt further exploration. External links to outside websites of repute may lead to reciprocity. Links add depth and definition to a writer's own productions.

Unknown Writers Benefit from Ghosting

Weaves of Green? Few books find paying readership. For crowds of creators, publishing means self-publishing or no publishing. The passion for one's own work quickly fades when little readership or income results.

Starting with a Dream? Once a title is published, writers are authors by definition. They may feel otherwise. After paying to publish, the wait for royalties from speculative sales is punishing. Earnings may never materialize.

Mapped Out? New arrivals find it hard to gain traction for unseasoned work. Selling scripted compositions to or through someone of influence helps move visions forward. Franchise syndication is advantageous to the many.

Not my Mirror? Celebrated ghostwriters can serve as mentors for beginning writers. They are alert to niche markets for material. They help stretch careers into pioneering fields. They turn mediocre books into successes.

Home Team? It is risky for publishers to add unfamiliar material from newcomers. It takes years, not months, to develop platforms for hot-off-the-press marvels. Writers without wide market success have no credibility.

Holding Forth? Reading is not a growth industry. Winners attract remaining and reluctant readers with: niche context, genre, covers, illustrations, multimedia, readings, trailers, slide shows, excerpts and reviews.

Shrug it Off? Online materials serve a variety of devices. Voice, business-to-business, intra-company and professional capacity may require desktop or laptop computers. Technological upgrades extend reach as standards tighten.

Green Screen? The digital future is uncertain. Big hitters wield financial clout. They can afford the latest technological innovations. They can hire experts to produce revolutionary advertising, speeches, apps and websites.

In the Bag? Mass-market merchandising thrives on sequels, reruns and replays for existing business models and fans. Publishers likely have prior profitable acquisitions against which to compare trailblazing ideas.

Aggressive Stance? It is possible to draw businesses into development, marketing and publishing relations efforts. Collaborative guidance from affiliated ventures may get everyone reading and talking about the reboot.

Business Models? Enterprises gather behind popular trends with funding, patronage, promotion, public relations and other collaborative support. Success accumulates for plans offering positive, mutual exposure.

Winning Streak? Why stop with just one sponsor? Multiple companies put winning concepts behind their products, services and events. Is there a better way to increase funding or exposure for written work?


Re gifting? Commercial arts, publishing and entertainment businesses need content. Their stars are busy with public relations and appearances at promotional events. Helpmates' artistic output sustains productivity.

Shadows & Light? Ghostwriters broaden information selections everyone wants to read. Idols may not have time or interest in filling followers' needs. It is quicker and easier to pile outside material onto incumbent brands.

Tide Effects? Famed individuals build great fanfare for compositions. Latching onto their history, ranking and following helps newcomers exit the fray. They may expand possibilities for past, present and future content.

Feel invincible? Collaboration may build reputations and connections for up-and-coming writers. Education, experience and trend-setting suggestions may lead storytellers to compose welcome information about asides.

Distressed Content? Increasingly, social media companies are developing their own content. This seems easier and more cost-effective than the daunting task of reviewing uploads from platform users for appropriateness.

Quality Control? The 99% is excluded from concentrated searching, streaming and socializing. Tech giants commandeer data, empowering the 1% with free sharing of content. Everyone else pays to access sales channels.

Says it All? Social media companies are in business to make money. Managers place “pay-to-play” ceilings on growth and visibility. They often block or suspend violators for sales activities contrary to profit motives.

No Action? It is pointless to pay for advertising impressions. These viewing opportunities may be missed in a blink. Similarly, payment for “clicks” rarely leads to site visits or sales. Few writers can justify these added costs.

Good Taste? Non-shoppers click “Like”. Advertisers pay for these clicks, with no return on investment. Pay-per-click advertising does not guarantee purchases. An ad likely costs more than earnings from a single book sale.

Free Floating? Data collection and ad tracking cause users to scale back, deactivate or close accounts. Information is difficult to regulate. Unique approaches may help offset power imbalances. It does not help to give up.

Ghosting Ideas

Dress to Impress? Celebrities establish influence in traditional media: television, radio, film, magazines, newspapers and literary or journalistic productions. Their brands readily transfer to digital, value-based channels.

Major League? Celebrities harbor growth mindsets. They recognize needed overhauls for stale markets. Out-of-the-box communicators may not know what the market wants or how to bring forth revolutionary concepts.

A Mighty Force? Influencers earn reputations on digital media: social media, blogs or other digital channels. Huge followings make them of interest to traditional publishers for ready profit from established brands.

Starlet? Influencers have sponsorship funds, knowledge and experience. They channel distinctive brands to consumers. Inability to pay creates walls. These may be shattered through connection or partnership with insiders.

Popularity Games? Privacy, safety and societal pressure threaten social media influencers. They may lose payments ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions per post. Platforms are hiding public “Likes”.

Crush the Climb! Polite indirect contact can go through agents. Direct contact involves mail, social media, meet and greets, shared causes or mutual acquaintances. Achievers are receptive to beneficial engagements.

Top Things Off? Producers may get boosts from big names. Elite players have credibility. They may energize careers of collaborators. Upstarts can gain spill-over marketing strength and momentum from influential platforms.

Endomorphin Ride? Literary agents represent parties to sales and purchases of ghosted work. They contribute knowledge and negotiating skills. Royalties or special means of payment can be worked into contracts for best sellers.

New Look? Ghosting can result in a bigger slice of the business. This ghost thinks a slice of something is better than all of nothing. Is it time to rebrand Phantom Ideas under another name? This is a potential goal.

Maximum Impact? Few stars scream “We Just Support the Top 1%”. Someone as big-hearted as they are celebrated may help promising talent. Hope comes with additional room at the top, not more clutter at the bottom.