The Goopy Ghost of Halloween
March 2017 by V. R. Duin


Eek! Oh! Ouch!
That goopy, ghostly goo
Held out its flaming hand
And blew and blew and blew.
(“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween”)

“The Goopy Ghost of Halloween” shares ghostly feelings and goopy goo haunted home effects to make haunted homes seem special.

Ghosts not only have feelings, but ghosts like to share these ghostly feelings. This ghost likes to leave goopy goo haunted home effects in the homes visited. Who doesn't like a good haunted home? Wouldn't it be terrible to go through life and feel that nobody is noticing, or watching? Ghosts are known to watch people. However, nobody on the Brown farm saw this ghost peering from his post in “The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving”.

Ghosts truly are interested in people, and like being in your space. Perhaps, ghosts do stand a little close to you, but you may miss us when we disappear. If you think you are falling behind, you are not alone. Since it is hard to keep up with you, ghosts are often behind you. Ghosts really would like to move with the flow, but conditions do not always accommodate these wishes. Imagine you are disguised as a pot of gold to catch some thieves on St. Patrick's Day. How fast would you move?

Sometimes, ghosts do reach out to people, in attempt to get attention or to have needs met. The thieves of my “fool's gold” did not seem happy to discover this ghost's St. Patrick's Day disguise. There are folks who actually offer to be host to a ghost. These kind people recognize that not all ghosts want to make the hair on the back of their hosts' necks stand up. While some ghosts may feel like cobwebs and others may leave a cold breeze in passing, this pumpkin ghost leaves a goopy goo haunted home effects along the way. As with people, no two ghosts are the same.

Ghosts have different ghostly feelings. Ghosts also have different reactions to different locations. Can't people also experience different reactions to frightening places than they do to fun places? This pumpkin ghost prefers goopy goo haunted homes and happily creates them. Ghosts can detect when people are having thoughts that don't fit their personalities. Why else would this ghost pitch in to give cause for Thanksgiving and make the occasion memorable? Like angels, ghosts are all soul. If there are bad ghosts, they must reside in some other realm. Ghosts feel no physical pain or sorrow. Ghosts celebrate all of life, forever. Children should be taught not to fear ghosts. In his books, the Goopy Ghosts puts people, pets and all living beings above property.

Ghosts want people react to our presence. Ghosts want to create a haunted home effect, whether it comes with the relocation or the disappearance of objects. Why else would this ghost move Christmas ornaments or eat the children's Halloween candy? Sudden temperature drops may be felt when ghosts are toying with the environment. It was cold on Santa's sleigh, but the elves were moved by this ghost, after thawing. Another haunted home effect is to make visitors to a home seem uncomfortable. How do you think the children reacted when they found this pumpkin ghost with their empty goodie bags? Trick-or-treat! Do you think the thieves really wanted to pay a visit to the leprechaun to return the real gold?

Sometimes ghosts make noises, through which people cannot sleep well. This ghost admits to keeping little Lilly awake while setting up Christmas art in the hallway outside her bedroom door. Sometimes ghosts let people experience events that cannot be explained. Was it the wrappers or was it the candy that changed Halloween forever? What is the point in creating a fun haunt if nobody is aware of it? Let's party like it's Valentine's Day and invite new ghosts to join us! Whatever the occasion, everything is always fun with Goopy ghostly goo!

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    • Ghostly Feelings admin says:

      Ghosts are just trying to amuse ourselves, and escape our own ghostly feelings.

    • Haunted Home admin says:

      Ghosts do not try to give you, your friends or your family nightmares with our fun haunted home effects.

      • Goopadmin says:

        The Goopy ghost leaves goopy goo behind so you can continue having goopy fun long after he is gone.