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September 2018 by V. R. Duin


Our goopy ghost looked very hard
to find a wee leprechaun guard.
At last, through the trees,
the ghost heard a sneeze.
A leprechaun couldn't be far!
(The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day)

Believe in ghosts with fun scary ghost sounds, scary ghost noises, ghost ooo sound effects and real ghost sound effects. Sounds of recess bell sounds in the middle of the night may be scarier than ghosts.

Sound is Powerful. Goopy favors the “OOO-OOO-OOO” repetition of the three “o” letters in his name. These repetitions can be pronounced like “o” in Goopy or “o” in Ghost. The five senses help children sort their world.

Power House? A desert oasis may look real. With splashing, it seems more realistic. Ghosts accompanied with vibrant sonorities give stronger proof for belief than a mere Ghost Sighting. Seeing may not be believing.

Body of Evidence? Belief in the paranormal is rising. The Chapman University Paranormal 2018 Survey of American Fears gives statistics about beliefs in spirits, aliens, Bigfoot, haunted houses and psychic powers.

Dreamscape? Is barking, howling, shrieking, snarling, snorting or growling noise common? Are slithering, creeping, hovering, crawling, scratching, burrowing or wiggling hooves, paws, fins, flippers, wings, tails or claws real?

Redux? Sounds of real life can be scarier than ghost sounds. Lyrebird spirits may forever protect territories with blaring car alarms, pounding hammers, grinding chain saws or recess bell sounds in the middle of the night.

Fun Scary Ghost Sounds

Behind the Scene? Do you cringe with piercing whistles or wretched bursts of laughter? Can high-energy spirits make chattering voices, hushing whispers, shrill screams, squeaking sneezes, rasping coughs or distress calls?

Icebreaker? Ghosts may beckon someone by name. They may answer to names from a prior existence. They may teach people to listen closely to one another. Belief in another dimension may be a life-changing discovery.

On the Dot? Why is this racket occurring at set times after twilight? With dogs barking and cats hissing, something has to be out there. These animals hear better than people. Is anyone else paying attention?

Calling the Shots? Ghosts make things seem far fetched and implausible. For those who truly are stumped by the ringing in their ears, ASSAP charity and learned society investigates sounds and sightings.

Double Take? Can digital reading materials crinkle like printed books, magazines or newspapers? Who is reading? What are they reading? Are they reading Goopy Ghost books? If so, try borrowing them for kicks.

Scary Ghost Noises

Game Face? Ghostly encounters may extend from past forms or conditions. People may believe they're going crazy when they hear the din of dripping, gurgling, sloshing or running water when and where no water is present.

Rain Date? Who could relax with water swishing into the room? Imagine the excitement of heavy footsteps or hoofbeats coming closer. Sounds arouse emotions. Test your fear at

Sand Castles? When the door is answered, who is there? Recess bells in the middle of the night are worrisome. Are we imagining things, running late, or is this trickery with royalty-free music and sounds purchased online?

Dopamine High? Slamming doors could mean Goopy is raiding the refrigerator. Is the refrigerator haunted? Is the ghost screeching “it's empty”? Silence can be boring. There is no quiz at the end of the following video.

Last Stand? Can the source be tracked? Is it rising, falling, coming, going or staying in place? Is the timer ready to ring? Step forth as a paranormal inspector. Figure out what's resonating in the video below.

Errata? Can ghosts really make vibrations in different frequencies? Real-to-life resonances vibrate with pressure, compression or other movements. Why call a paranormal investigator or psychic to investigate?

Believe in Ghosts

Loud and Proud? Proof may stream through the night. Ghostly vibrations of air and water may reach a listener's ear. From hip-hop to rock, talent can go viral. Ballads are handed down, filling generations with chords.

Takeaway? There are songs about the man in the moon and Goopy. Nothing is toxic, hallucinogenic or spine chilling about these tunes. It is uplifting to sing about fantasies. People may gain touch with reality while singing

What music is playing? If the tune is Goopy Ghost at Christmas by talented singer and songwriter Carlos Wilde, it deserves lively response and calls for a Carlos replay with “OOO-OOO-OOO” ear worm chants by Goopy fans.

On the Sunny Side? Support Carlos Wilde's Goopy Ghost music. Direct good spirits to this amazing artist's Other Productions. Here are the Wilde-Goopy lyrics to sing and play along:

(Chorus: This ghost sheds pumpkin goop
wherever it goes,
'cause that's what it's made of
from its head to its toes.)

Santa emptied out his sack
and spread the nice, new toys
all around the Christmas tree,
such lucky girls and boys!
A brief break from work,
and Santa gathered up his sack
and up the chimney he went,
the goopy ghost on his back!
The subject quickly changed
for there was much work to do.
The elves assigned the good ghost
to a Christmas toy work crew.
But Goopy's goo peeled off
and made a mess on toys.
They would have to be replaced
for gifting to girls and boys.
If the bright orange ghost
returns in Santa's sack
would you let it stay
or would you send it back?
Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Ghost OOO Sound Effects

Happy Daze? Add thrilling ghost ooo sounds to readings. Take ghost books on travels. Laugh with children. Everyone loves zestful ghost stories and ghost echoes. What is more fun than Goopy's favorite “ooo-ooo-ooo” jingle?

Sharp Note? Have competitions with Goopy's “OOO-OOO-OOO”. Who makes the ghostliest, the funniest, the scariest, the silliest, the noisiest or the longest string of echoes? Draw others into the fun and games.

Fresh Takes? Practice improves performance. Sweep the sound charts with “ooo” chants! Ghost sounds are not a craze. They make good use of time, effort and energy for Halloween and every day in between.

Turn up the Volume? Get fun scary ghost sounds for your ring-tone. Stand out from among folks with mundane tones. Download applications to impress friends or to make ghosts feel at home.

Kick Back? The rising tide of robocalls, spam calls and spoofing need not go unanswered. Scary ghost noises may shut down the intrusions of harping telemarketers, political parties and hucksters. They are ghastly, not ghostly.

Sound Stage? Use “OOO-OOO-OOO”, thundering noises or play the video screeches. Inventive ghost noises are the right answer. Permission can't be feigned with them. If cons promise to “call back”, don't believe them.