The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
September 2018 by V. R. Duin


Our goopy ghost looked very hard
To find a wee leprechaun guard.
At last, through the trees,
The ghost heard a sneeze.
A leprechaun couldn't be far!
(“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day”)

Goopy's fun scary ghost sounds, scary ghost noises, ghost ooo sound effects and other real ghost sound effects should make kids believe in ghosts and want to scare up other imaginative friends.

Who hears fun ghost sounds? Goopy's favorite fun scary ghost sound is the “OOO-OOO-OOO” repetition of the three “o” letters in the name Goopy Ghost. These repetitions can be pronounced like the “o” in Goopy or the “o” in Ghost. Almost anyone can learn to make these ghostly fun sounds. Sound is powerful. What fun would ghosts be, without their fun scary ghost sounds? Sound may help people believe in ghosts.

Would a place seem haunted without ghostly sounds? Ghosts may make sounds like those of animals. Barking, howling, shrieking, snarling, snorting or growling scary ghost noises are common. These scary noises may sound like the movement of hooves, paws, fins, flippers, wings, tails or claws. What's not to love about slithering, creeping, hovering, crawling, scratching, burrowing and wiggling sounds from an unseen animal source? Children can learn a lot about their world from the sounds they hear around them. Sounds may help children learn about animals and ghosts.

Can animals be ghosts?Animal spirits may stay behind to keep giving service, care and protection for the homes and owners of their past lives. These animal spirits may hang around to connect and help the new residents, their pets and their guests develop a belief in ghosts. These animal spirits may continue doing their earlier natural habits and duties. They may want to keep the healthy emotional attachments of forever lifetime bonds. Fun scary ghost sounds may help identify strange new beasts.

Animal spirits may make ghost sounds. The gnawing, scratching and scampering rat trapped in the closet may continue making scary ghost noises throughout the night. It's ghostly form may never be caught. OOO-OOO-No! A lyrebird, mistaken as an intruder for making gun shot sounds outside a house, may return to bother the residents. Its loud noises of ringing school bells, blaring car alarms, pounding construction hammers, grinding chain saws, or blasting gunfire are sure to make listeners believe in ghosts. Could this bird spirit continue to protect its territory with strange noises long after the human invaders have left for peace and quiet? OOO-OOO-Yes!

Can ghosts make human ghost sounds? Ghostly spirits are commonly reported as having human forms. Humans form strong lifetime attachments with family, friends and homes. After death, could their spirits remain to calm those left behind with their soft presence? Who wouldn't welcome a loved one's real ghost sound effects? High-energy spirits should make everyone believe in ghosts. The sounds of chattering voices, hushing whispers, shrill screams, squeaking sneezes, rasping coughs or calls of distress are so exciting.

Ghost sounds may be planned. Ghosts may call out to people with messages or by name. Ghosts also may answer to their names from a past existence. Ghosts may teach people to listen to one another. Questioning belief in ghosts is one of the world's best secrets. Doesn't everyone want to know who is making those sorry calls, piercing whistles or wretched bursts of laughter? Ghosts that make fun scary ghost sounds may give stronger proof for a belief in ghosts than mere sightings. Sightings of an oasis in a desert may look real. With the addition of splashing noises, the ghostly image may seem all the more possible.

Can things make ghost noises? Ghostly encounters may seem removed from any past form or condition. How can there be sounds of dripping, gurgling, sloshing or running water, where there is no water? Is the water underground? Will it stay there? Racing flood water is scary stuff! Was the building constructed over an earlier watering hole, lake, pond, stream or river? How do ghost trains, trucks, cars, boats and other vehicles make sounds. Are these noises real or are they in the listener's mind? Sound distractions may help people stay alert to their environment. They also may make someone believe they're going crazy. What is making those fun or, not so fun, scary ghost noises?

Sounds have a cause. Sounds also get results. Would anyone be able to relax with a water sounds flowing nearby? Imagine the excitement of hearing heavy footsteps or hoofbeats coming closer. Believers and non-believers are sure to wonder what is making these ghostly sounds. As the noises come closer and closer, will an animal or human form step out of a dark corner? Test your fear at of Ghostly Sounds. The experience may make believers of non-believers. The world is strange and interesting. Hidden ghosts and their odd sounds add to the mystery. “OOO-OOO-Yes”!

Can sound help people believe in ghosts? How could someone hearing these fun scary ghost sounds and noises not believe in ghosts? It is important to investigate the source of these sounds. Doors and cabinets cannot slam closed by themselves. Constant tapping sounds heard through the walls must have a cause. Following the sound may help find the source. Is it rising, falling, coming, going or staying in just one place? Could these noises mean the Goopy Ghost is raiding the refrigerator? Watch the video on this page. Is the refrigerator making the noise, because it is haunted? Is the ghost screaming, because the refrigerator is empty? Someone needs to investigate. OOO-OOO-Yes!

Worse! Could this bright orange spirit be redecorating the house? Ghosts may not just move things around. These amazing spirits may stink. Not everyone likes the smells that identify ghosts. Witch's brew cooking? Cigar, pipe or cigarette smoke? Strong cologne, perfume, shampoo or conditioner odors? Old gym shoes or of a wet dog? Smell may lead to the source. Breathe a deep sigh of peace and calm. Can you smell the pumpkin spice? Is the timer ready to ring? The smell of some food may make you feel hungry. The European Council of Skeptical Organizations, ECSO may take away any fake feelings of hunger. It is dedicated to myth-busting and debunking feelings that are not real.

Can ghosts create music and song? Ghosts may be able to make these fun sound vibrations and sound frequency waveforms. OOO-OOO-Yes! Proof may come with the sounds of musical instrumentation and song streaming throughout the night. A ghost may cause vibrations of air and water to reach a listener's ear. It helps to know how these very real-to-life sounds are made. Vibrations from pressure, compression or other mechanical movements cause sound. If ghosts were not real, they could not make sound, or could they? Ghosts may make believers of listeners. Ghosts come with musical talent of every type, from hip-hop to rock. Fun scary ghost sounds, ghost ooo sound effects and scary ghost noises can go viral. OOO-OOO-Yes!

What music is playing? If the song is Goopy Ghost at Christmas by talented singer and songwriter Carlos Wilde, we should command this celebrated production to be played over and over. Carlos Wilde was recognized as Entertainer of the Year 2017 in the Indie Artist Magazines Coalition Award. Listeners throughout the world should get close to this sound to feel the good vibrations that went into its creation. Everyone can make ghost ooo sound effects. As kids sing “OOO-OOO-OOO”, “OOO-OOO-Yes” and “OOO-OOO-No” over and over, parents may try to clear this ear worm from their heads. Fun sounds should get a lively response. Be sure to leave a nice review for Carlos after hearing his fun sound.

Support Carlos Wilde's Goopy Ghost music. Please direct good spirits to this amazing artist's Other Productions. His music lovers are sure to believe in Goopy. Carlos Wilde gave of his time, experience and talent to create this sensation for the world. As his catchy ghost song replays in your head, please thank Carlos Wilde for making Christmas special. There is nothing scary, eerie or haunting about the sound craze Carlos Wilde created for Goopy's friends. Nobody will be frightened by this fun scary ghost sound after dark. Let this delightful tune replay in your head throughout the day. Here are the Wilde-Goopy lyrics to sing and play along with Goopy and Carlos Wilde:

(Chorus: This ghost sheds pumpkin goop
Wherever it goes,
'Cause that's what it's made of
From its head to its toes.)

Santa emptied out his sack
And spread the nice, new toys
All around the Christmas tree
Such lucky girls and boys!
A brief break from work,
And Santa gathered up his sack
And up the chimney he went,
The goopy ghost on his back!
The subject quickly changed
For there was much work to do.
The elves assigned the good ghost
To a Christmas toy work crew.
But Goopy's goo peeled off
And made a mess on toys.
They would have to be replaced
For gifting to girls and boys.
If the bright orange ghost
Returns in Santa's sack
Would you let it stay
Or would you send it back?
Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Who else is here? Worthy of careful investigation is the source of someone breathing. Nobody else is in the area! Why are there the sounds of pages of books, magazines or newspapers turning? All of the reading materials in this haunt are digital. Who could be reading? What are they reading? Is anybody reading books from the Goopy Ghost series? Readings aloud of Goopy Ghost books are recommended for children and adults. Spend some fun reading time with this ghost. Add ghost ooo sound effects to each reading. Take these books with you when you travel. Laugh with the children in your lives. Everyone loves a fun ghost story.

Is someone or something reading over our shoulders? Science and religion may make people have good or bad opinions about ghost sounds. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena ASSAP is a charity and learned society that investigates ghost sightings and sounds. It teaches people about ghosts. The goal is to provide information. This way people can better decide if ghosts are real or make-believe. Ghosts may make things seem better and more exciting than they really are. The Goopy Ghost wants everyone to believe in ghosts and the fun scary ghost sounds, real ghost sound effects and scary ghost noises that come with them.

Why is the doorbell ringing, and ringing? Who other than a ghost would keep calling someone to the door. Who other than a person should try to find out why it keeps ringing? This noise cannot come with playacting or be just a dream. OOO-OOO-No! Real noise gives real reason to believe a real ghost is having fun by making this ghostly sound. Who wouldn't believe in ghosts each time the door is answered and nothing is out there? There also is something ghostly about recess bell noises in the middle of the night. The sounds of real life can be scarier than ghost sounds. Worries of being late for school can bring on feelings of fear. Are we missing something? Could someone be doing this trickery with royalty-free music and sounds from

Why is this sound activity happening at set times and mostly at night? With dogs barking and cats hissing, something has to be there. These animals hear better than people. Aren't they proof that ghostly spirits are hanging around? What other than a ghost could be making scary ghost noises? Is it human or an animal in form? Perhaps, further investigation should be made of the dog sounds in The Goopy Ghost at Christmas? Maybe we should look into the drumming of hoofbeats on roads or rooftops. Investigating jingle bell noises should add excitement to the ghost hunt. The good vibrations of these fun scary ghost sounds should get everyone hopping. Why not dance or prance along with these merry noises?

Who else is hearing the ghost sounds?Can ghosts hear their own sounds? Are these noises getting attention from another ghost detector? If so, should anyone ignore them? OOO-OOO-NO! These ghost noises should be followed. Ghosts sounds are as important as recess bell sound effects or the whistles and dinner bell dongs at home, work or school! Ghosts sounds mean it's time for children and adults to have some ghostly fun. Have competitions with ghost ooo sound effects. Who can make the funniest, the scariest or the longest string of OOO-OOO-OOO sounds? It's fun to draw others into the fun and games with ghost noises and ghost sounds.

Real ghost sound effects improve with practice. Everyone should love the sound of musical bells, especially those in Carlos Wilde's “Goopy Ghost at Christmas” song. Illustrations for the video were taken from The Goopy Ghost at Christmas children's book. Please celebrate the artists and the ghosts who are creating these catchy tunes, fun scary ghost sounds, scary ghost noises and ghost ooo sound effects! Life might seem boring without these thrilling learning experiences. Sweep the sound charts with chants of your own “OOO-OOO-OOO” ghost sounds. Ghost sounds are not just a craze. They are a good use of time, effort and energy.

How can ghost sounds be put to good use? Friends are sure to be flooded with a rising tide of robocalls, spam calls and spoofing. Registering a number with no-call services does not seem to stop these ghastly calls from unwelcome auto-dialing fraudsters. The viral hits from telemarketers, political parties and hucksters should not go unanswered. To ignore these ghostbusting opportunities may encourage more of them. Scammers may increase the number of calls until they get a response. The Goopy Ghost believes “missed calls” should not become “missed opportunities”. There may be a way to stop these cons. Maybe we can turn the tables on them and make them believe in ghosts.

Why not play fun scary ghost sounds to robocallers? Whether these are scary ghost noises or our own ghost ooo sound effects, they cannot be used against us. They can't be used to approve an unwanted service or product. “Yes” should not be said on the phone to robocallers. Using this word in answer to a clever con can pit peoples' own voices against them. They can be used to fake permission. The Goopy Ghost doesn't want friends to become victims. Outsmart robocalling scammers. Make them believe in ghosts! Use the OOO-OOO-OOO sound, make eerie animal sounds, explode into thundering machine noises or play the following video for them. Cons may promise to “call back later”, when you're able to talk. Don't believe them.


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