Does a ghost sighting send a leprechaun packing in the Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day displayed at 40% of viewport width?
December 2020 by Terry Verduin


The ghost became bright, coin-sized rounds
beneath which some rocks added pounds.
Some gold-colored spray
improved their display.
Just wait 'til those thieves come around!
(The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day)

This page and each ghost sighting in the Goopy Ghost holiday book series for children answers questions, such as: can ghosts see themselves and what are signs of a ghost?

How Do Ghosts Appear?

Are ghosts like reflections? They may seem faded and worn in comparison to mirror images or vibrant photographs. The orange holiday sprite throws off bright spirit, adds a contemporary tone and morphs hallowed customs.

Are Ghosts Like the Man in the Moon? People have seen a smiling face in the moon's dark areas for ages. Spooky faces and bodies also date way back. Materializations generate talk about what makes things real and special.

Are Ghosts Like Shadows? Shadowy figures may become close friends and good influences. It is fun to play with them, bend them, mold them and move them. Shadows can be safe places. They remain close, without oppression.

Through the Years?

Are Ghosts Like Flashbacks? These visual replays of a past person or event often enter the consciousness, suddenly and unexpectedly. These visions may spark pleasant, sorrowful, terrifying or thrilling memories for the viewer.

Are Ghosts Like Comet Tails? Comets, dead or dying stars and comet tails may link to life. Tails of gas or dust are unlike Goopy tales. These do not get dusty. Ghosts share features of the living, the heartland and the celestial.

Are Ghosts Like Crop Circles? These geometric patterns flattened in grain fields may represent evidence, warning, thought and intelligence from time travel or alien life. Like ghosts, they may serve as guides to human futures.

Glowing Forms?

Lighting? Ghosts are illuminating. They typically accompany decorator strings of light in houses and lawns. Splendid color flows draw positive attention. Warm glows do not invite rolls of toilet paper or raw egg tosses.

Are Ghosts Like Jet Trails? Called contrails, these white condensation trails stream behind aircraft day or night. The Goopy Ghost and his trailing goop remnants also glimmer in spaces to watch around the clock.

Are Ghosts Like Auras? Some folks claim to see these non-physical fields around a person. Further study of the unique group of aura observers could increase knowledge about clairvoyance and supernatural sensory processes.

Deceiving Appearances?

Are Ghosts Like Clouds? The U.S. Government Water Science School calculates there are 500,000,000 grams of water droplets in one cloud, weighing 500,000 kilograms or 1.1 million pounds (about 551 tons).

Are Ghosts Like Exploding Lakes? Do they have layers that do not intermix? In what would seem a mythological occurrence, outwardly calm lakes in Africa explode, because the water is loaded with carbon dioxide.

Are Ghosts Like Dark Matter? Particles of dark matter do not absorb, reflect, or emit light. It may form 80% of the matter in our universe, but it is invisible. Its presence is inferred from its effects on other objects.

Working the Room?

Are Ghosts Like Computer Data? They are visible to some, but not to others. They may come and go at the worst possible time, while somebody is watching. Mistake or bias may cause these misses and disappearances.

Are Ghosts Like Karma? They may represent this cycle of cause and effect. A person's actions lead to inevitable good or bad results. Fate may carry forth from past times into future ones to be cleansed with humble austerity.

Are Ghosts Like Santa Claus? They may come when no one is watching. Every day could be a hoot with these welcome household minions. They try to help out. They hold a treasured place for immediate occupancy.

Are Ghosts Like Holidays?

Love hue? Memories of holiday traditions and phantoms endure. Holiday highlights and presences may be subtle or bold. Businesses are built upon manifestations or experimentations with new practices and experiences.

Big Business? Like holidays, the paranormal tourist industry is huge. Hotels, homes and cemeteries strive to turn non-believers into believers. Ghost walks, haunted home tours and hunts for the extraordinary are big business.

Attitude? Like holidays, ghosts bring on strong opinions, boycotts and backpedaling. People come up with reasons to take a stand against traditions with which they do not identify. Ideas often change as fast as the weather.

Eclectic Company?

Party Line? Holidays and apparitions can feel overwhelming. It is hard to decide at which Obon Festival to celebrate ancestors. The Hungry Ghost Festival opens China's ancestral afterlife to a full lunar month of celebration.

Buckle Your Shoe? From culture-to-culture, place-to-place and time-to-time, celebrations, incorporeal beings, skeletons and the deceased may not track a decorator's Halloween eye. Holidays and apparitions look different.

One of Many? Ghost holidays can be happy occasions. This is the case with Mexico's Day of the Dead in celebration of deceased love ones. The Hindu Vijayadashami celebrates the victory and charm of good over evil.

Looking Back?

Never-Ending? Ghosts and holidays can be spiritual journeys. Other-worldly visions may hint at past lives to be remembered and appreciated. Everyone should feel the magic of child-friendly holiday sprites brightening the world.

Garish? Some things should be thrown away. Like stale holiday candy, fads fall out of favor over time. It is one thing to look in tune with comfortable times and another to be stuck in the past.

Spirit of Travel? Do ghosts evolve with the times? Did Goopy live at a time when no Christmas trees glowed inside homes? Returning souls may not understand change. They may allow people to look back and from above.

Can Ghosts See Themselves?

Out of Your Depth? Much is unknown about nebulous images. Study may lead to healthy understandings. As with presents under the Christmas tree, sometimes Goopy gives. Sometimes, he takes. Questions generally remain.

Clean Slate? Ghosts may appear and disappear. Their mysteries seem akin to the comings and goings of fantastical holiday trains or cars. Goopy creates some agreement about how he formed and why he stays or leaves.

How do they see? Do they cast twinkling lights in order to see? Can they hear themselves? Can they see or touch themselves? Can they eat? If so, what kind of treats do they prefer? Ask them. Conversation unites.

Can Ghosts Change Themselves?

Santa's Cookies? Would this ghost stop munching these cookies in favor of his own brand? Leaving cookies in Santa shape with some in Goopy form offers a test. Goop splatters on Santa's side might call for separate plates.

Quick-Change Artists? Do ghosts change clothes? Are they stuck in old sheets or clothing? Can they doff hats, put stuff in pockets or gather skirts and curtsy? Goopy changes accessories with each story. Change isn't boring.

Turn up the Heat? As trends change, it is important to reveal adjustments. Much like computers boost capacity for recall and blame-free analysis, vision stimulates activity. Feedback stokes further interaction.

Can Ghosts Start Fads?

Star Power? People routinely imitate the clothing, accessories and shoes of admired celebrities. Expressing one's self in the unique style of a ghost may turn spring, summer, fall and winter fashion on its head with crazes.

High-End Ghosts? Other-worldly spirits are not nothingness. Ghostly presence and permanence could translate inaccessible flair into everyday wearable class. The appearance is sure to move crowds.

Lifestyle Statement? Fashion is not just about clothes. Popular, distinctive ghost trends should carry over into furnishings. Imagine pops of goop on the walls, floors and other home decorations. Now, you're seeing great things.

Why a Holiday Book Series for Kids?

Forever Young? Ghosts transcend everyday things and activities. Mystery builds courage, knowledge, creativity and thinking skills. Forming opinions about whether or not characters are real helps separate reality from fantasy.

Says it All? Sightings generate talk. Goopy gets folks talking about true holiday meanings. Few celebrations are times of solemn abstinence. Children construct merriment from Goopy's pranks. They want him to stay.

Thematic? Outside looks and appearances change with the seasons. Symbols date back thousands of years, connecting the present to the past. Holiday stories rarely are off-putting. They go hand-in-hand with celebration.

Carried Away?

Be Moved? Ghost Sounds also may tie to holidays. Jingling bells and jumping gold sound effects are not everyday events. Unusual sensations may strengthen belief in supernatural powers over systematic methods.

Mixed Feelings? Seeing can impact believing. Apophenia connects patterns to meanings when none exist. It may run amuck with delusion. Pareidolia brings meaningful associations to ink blot tests or puts fun images in things.

Picture Perfect? If hobgoblins could not see themselves, hear themselves, feel themselves or express themselves, how would anyone believe in them? Why would they even bother to put themselves in the middle?

What Are Signs of a Ghost?

Taking the Lead? Signs of a ghost tend to remain after the fact. Things relocate overnight or while folks are away. Goopy redecorates homes, while children are supposed to be sleeping. This spirit awakens friends to changes.

Fresh Picks? How else would Goopy pass through pumpkin walls or fit within this goop-filled fruit? Each unexplainable suggestion of power gives cause for new debate and inquiry. Visions may have unexplained powers.

Defining Moment? Ghosts may alter emotions or beliefs. Familiar images may bear information, news, warnings or ideas. Readers quickly learn Goopy is a pumpkin ghost. He also is the bearer of subtle, positive messages.

Long Hours?

Up to Par? Ghostly pranks differ from those of kids. Incorporeal actions give a surreal touch to physical manifestations. The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day turns goop into “gold”. A leprechaun uses it to catch thieves.

Animal Spirits? Ask yourself if the barking dog in The Goopy Ghost at Christmas is real or ghostly. Can it see Goopy? Does it cower and leave? How would a cat behave? Would it stay to see Santa? Sort it out for fun.

Line of Duty? Animal spirits may perpetuate lifetime bonds with ongoing natural habits or trained duties. They may hang around to connect and help new residents, pets or guests. Pets may be the first to recognize this truth.

Why Not See for Yourself?

What else lurks among us? An unexplained shadow from the corner of one's eye is an eerie phenomenon. It takes on a life of its own. Is it a thing? Is it a person? Is it an ethereal vision? Is it from a holiday book series for kids?

To the Point? In Mirrors are Bad Neighbors, can Goopy see himself? The text is not from a Goopy Ghost story. The animations provide authentic and unaltered depictions from his holiday book series for children.

Watch this Space. What does the video transcript reveal about ghost vision acuity? “Mirror, mirror, can't you see? What you harbor can't be me. There is no time to whine and pout. I'll bet a dime it will grow out.” (33 seconds)