Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
December 2017 by V. R. Duin


The ghost became bright, coin-sized rounds
Beneath which some rocks added pounds.
Some gold-colored spray
Improved their display.
Just wait 'til those thieves come around!
(“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day”)

The Goopy Ghost rises from a holiday book series for children to help explain the signs of a ghost sighting.

Each book in the Goopy Ghost's Holiday Book Series for Children presents children with a fun ghost sighting. What are the signs of a ghost sighting? Goopy Ghost often appears where pumpkins are being grown or put to good use in holiday celebrations. In Goopy's holiday book series for children, squashed, baked and carved pumpkins lend subtle, new spirit and a bit of mischief to hallowed traditions. Goopy may give rise to some discussion about why ghosts do the fun things that are blamed on them.

Ghosts are much studied, but little understood. Are ghosts experimenting with a new dimension that is not in keeping with a past reality? Why else would all of the children's candy disappear after Goopy found the burning pumpkin on Halloween? Hadn't Goopy ever before seen a Christmas tree growing and glowing inside a home? Why did Santa's cookies disappear? Why didn't the milk go away, too? Why would the Goopy Ghost stick things on walls with goopy goop? When decorations move around overnight, will paranormal activity be blamed for this mischief?

The unknown and the unexplained are so interesting! There is a lot of disagreement about how ghosts are formed and why ghosts are here. That gold suddenly jumps out of its pot also helps to strengthen a belief in the power of the supernatural over science. The unknown and the unexplainable are awesome and compelling. These signs of a ghost cannot be the mere pranks of a child, can they? To see unexplained shadows from the corner of one's eye is an eerie phenomenon that often takes on a life of its own. Imagine hearing something huge crash into your room with a thud. Wouldn't you want to hide?

The Goopy Ghost very well may hide with you. Is it really possible to turn goop into gold? Is it possible to party with leprechauns? Why did the dog bark at something nobody else could see? Did it cower and leave the new haunt? What would a cat have done as this goopy, droopy ghost moved into each new haunt? Over time, many people may witness twinkling lights, filmy mists, goopy goo or unexplained moving shapes. Will these fortunate souls believe they are witnessing a ghost sighting? The Goopy Ghost wants everyone to believe in the magic of each ghost sighting in his holiday book series for children.

  • Why Some People See Ghosts and Other Presences

    • Signs of a Ghost admin says:

      The Goopy Ghost teaches children to accept some signs of a ghost and experiment with this reality.

    • holiday book series for children admin says:

      After reading this holiday book series for children, buying a different kind of treats might keep other ghosts away.

      • ghost sightingadmin says:

        You won't need to find your pets and assure them a Goopy Ghost sighting is a good thing, because they will immediately know this to be true.