Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
December 2018 by V. R. Duin


The ghost became bright, coin-sized rounds
Beneath which some rocks added pounds.
Some gold-colored spray
Improved their display.
Just wait 'til those thieves come around!
(“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day”)

Answers to how can ghosts see themselves and what are signs of a ghost or of a ghost sighting in this holiday book series for children, the articles across this website and in the fun video on this page.

What are the signs of a ghost? Each book in the Goopy Ghost holiday book series for children gives children a fun ghost sighting. Are ghosts like reflections? Can ghosts see themselves? Why don't ghosts look as clear as seeing ourselves in a mirror? Many ghosts look faded and worn. The goopy, droopy, orange holiday ghost is as bright as the pumpkins from which he was born. The Goopy Ghost also likes seeing pumpkins put to good use in holiday celebrations. Goopy comes from pumpkins that are squashed, baked and carved. This bright new spirit adds a contemporary flair and a bit of mischief to hallowed traditions. Goopy answers questions and takes readers on fun ghost walks, haunted house tours and ghost hunts in his books, videos and across this website.

Are ghost sightings real? Memories of holiday traditions and friendly ghosts last. Ghosts are like holiday decorations. They may be hidden or bold. To see a ghost, a person may need to read clues, signs, symbols and hints. If ghosts were not real, businesses would not be built around them. As with the holiday business, the ghost tourist sighting industry is huge. Hotels, homes and cemeteries want to turn non-believers into believers. A pumpkin goop trail is a favorite sign of a visit from the Goopy Ghost. Ghost hunters are sure to form opinions about whether or not this ghost is real. He joins Santa Clause, the elves, leprechauns and thieves with lessons about ghosts and holidays. Children and adults should enjoy talking about the things that make these characters real.

Are ghosts like the man in the moon? The human face seen on the full has some qualities of a ghost. Can the man in the moon see himself? If the man in the moon can see himself, can ghosts see themselves, too? People have seen a smiling face in the dark areas of the moon. This legend has been handed down for ages. Ghost faces and bodies also may be legends, from sightings by others. There are songs about the man in the moon. Goopy is in a Christmas song by Carlos Wilde. Whether a person believes in ghosts or not, the goopy holiday ghost is sure to show the way to fun. As with the man in the moon, no scary feelings come with the signs of a friendly ghost. There is nothing toxic, hallucinogenic or spine chilling about the friendly ghosts in Goopy Ghost's books or videos. People are not out of touch with reality when they see this ghost or the man in the moon.

Are ghosts like shadows? Shadowy figures may become close friends or good influences for the living. It is fun to play with shadows. Bend them, shape them, move them. Can ghosts make shadows? Can ghosts see themselves in these shadows? Goopy hides in shadows in The Goopy Ghost of Halloween and in The Goopy Ghost at Christmas. Shadows can be safe places. Shadowy ghosts can be friendly. Goopy appears for holiday fun. Other bump-in-the-night shadows may be Santa Claus. Children are anxious for signs of his middle-of-the-night toy drops. As Santa eats the cookies and drinks the milk left for him by children, Goopy may be waiting in the shadows. There is no limit to shadowy forms or to ghostly vision. Shadowy ghosts go well with bright holidays. Ghost sightings are emotional experiences that should be held close. There are as many different kinds of ghosts as people believe exist. Some of them may look like shadows. Play with them.

Are ghosts celebrated? Holidays and ghosts may look different from culture-to-culture and place-to-place. Ghosts and holidays may appear in different places and at different times. Many countries celebrate ghosts, skeletons and the deceased. These ghost holiday celebrations around the world may not be like Halloween. Different beliefs may cause different opinions about the signs of a ghost sighting. Ghosts and holiday celebrations also may change from year-to-year. Nobody wants to dress the same each year for Halloween. The Goopy Ghost wants people to believe that friendly ghosts are cause for fun celebration. Sightings of this friendly, orange holiday ghost may give rise to talks about why ghosts do the fun things that are blamed on them. The spirit of this friendly, giving ghost is like other holiday characters, Santa included! Children are not likely to get bogged down with a blend of old and new activities and experiences.

Ghosts may create drama. Holidays and ghost celebrations may feel overwhelming. How does one decide which Obon Festival to attend? These celebrations honor the spirits of the dead in Japan. Obon is a festive Buddhist tradition. The activities vary by region. Dancing, music, bonfires, lanterns, chanting, fireworks and private mourning continue day and night. Ghost celebrations are dramatic and convincing. Reminders of recently departed friends and family give pause to those left behind. These restless spirits may roam the earth. Ghost give rise to taboos during days, weeks or an entire month of celebrations. The Hungry Ghost Festival lasts throughout the seventh month of the lunar calendar in China. This is a time of offerings, performances and feasts for the comfort and entertainment of those in the afterlife. This modern style of ancient ancestor worship brings streets, parks and other public spaces to life with celebrations by the living.

Are ghosts like comet tails? Comet tails are known to be of two types. They are made of gas or dust. A collection of Goopy Ghost stories is unlikely to get dusty. Observers of comets and ghosts may pause to analyze and reach conclusions about life and death. Ghosts are much studied, but little understood. Nobody knows what they are made of. People may see ghostly activity by accident, hunch or amazing intelligence. Signs of a friendly ghost visit make for a very real fantasy. Like gas, these sightings may be fuel for new ghost holidays. As friendly ghost appearances take hold, people may give them new meaning. There are those who believe these spirits are experimenting with a new dimension. This experiment may not be in keeping with their past reality. Scientists experiment with comets and record the noises they make. Comets and dead or dying stars may be linked to life. Do ghosts have features of the living? Can ghost see themselves, feel themselves or hear themselves?

Are ghosts like jet trails? Jets make noise. They leave white jet trails behind. Called “contrails“, these trails can be seen day and night. Goopy leaves a goop trail behind. This ghost and his trail may be seen day or night. Ghosts may fill places with twinkling lights, filmy mists and exciting moving shapes. Ghosts may be dressed to go outside. Ghosts are seen wrapped in sheets or wearing clothing. A gentleman ghost may tip his hat. A lady ghost may curtsy and pull aside her skirt to welcome guests. If a person was known to the observer in life, the clothing and habits of the ghost may seem familiar. It might add comfort and start conversation to ask the ghost questions. Can ghosts see themselves? Can ghosts hear themselves? Can ghost feel themselves. Conversation brings people together. Holidays and ghosts may bring people together. Jets also carry people together. Ghosts, holidays and travel should be celebrated every day.

Can ghosts change with the times? Holidays and ghosts may be misunderstood. Can ghosts change clothes? Can ghosts see themselves to change clothes? The Goopy Ghost wears different holiday accessories for his different stories. After reading The Goopy Ghost at Christmas, children may ask if the goopy holiday ghost lived in a place or at a time during which no Christmas trees were growing or glowing inside homes. Some ghosts may not change with the times. Ghosts may not understand new changes in the world or people around them. These ghosts may allow people to look back and from above. Some ghosts may be a spiritual journey get honored from those left behind. Signs of a ghost visit may give hints of past lives to be remembered and appreciated by loved ones and friends. This is the case in some of the tales in Goopy's books for children. It also is behind many ghost holidays celebrated around the world. The goopy holiday ghost wants everyone to believe in the magic of each delightful ghost visit in this holiday book series for children.

Can ghost sightings give lessons? The goal of this ghost is to bring new lessons with each friendly ghost visit. Goopy encourages children and adults to look beyond everyday things and activities. To seek and find the creative thrill that comes with the visit of a holiday ghost is a learning experience. To cast oneself into the mysterious world of this goopy, droopy orange ghost helps to build courage, knowledge and thinking skills. Children learn to separate what is real from what is imaginary. Ghost activities may be full of contradictions. However, ghosts are sure to generate a lot of talk. The Goopy ghost is about celebration. He gets children and adults talking about the real meanings of each holiday. The signs of a ghost in Goopy's holiday book series for children are not the mere pranks of a child. Children may want to build new traditions around some of fun ideas from Goopy's books and videos for children. They may come up with ghostly fun ideas for everyday fun and games. This goopy, droopy, orange ghost is pretty sure that, once they discover him, your children will not let you send him back.

Are ghost sightings common? Holidays and ghosts are celebrated around the world. Ghosts create excitement. As with presents under the Christmas tree, sometimes Goopy gives and sometimes this ghost takes. The readings of this ghost's activities beg for critical thinking. Not all ghosts are to be feared and avoided. Not all holidays are times of solemnity and abstinence. Many spirited ghost holidays throughout the world are celebrations of the past lifetimes of loved ones. Such is the case with “The Day of the Dead” in Mexico. Events are held during this series of commemorative days to honor the dead. If these ghosts can see the living, can ghost see themselves? The signs of a friendly ghost visit should be exciting and cause further study! Things, like gold suddenly jumping out of its pot, are not everyday events. The unusual may serve to strengthen a belief in the power of the supernatural over science. People should keep studying. A lot remains unknown. Ghosts can lead to healthy new understandings and change.

Can ghosts appear and disappear? The signs of a ghost should leave some questions unanswered. Why did all of the children's candy disappear after the goopy holiday ghost found its pumpkin home in flames on Halloween? Why did Santa's cookies disappear? Why didn't the milk go away, too? Could these mysteries be akin to the magic of ghost trains and cars? Why did the goopy holiday ghost stick ornaments on walls with goopy goop? Why do some cultures reenact past battles with evil? What should be celebrated is the victories of good over bad. Many questions are raised with the subtle signs of each ghost sighting experienced by children in Goopy's holiday book series for children. The Goopy Ghost should help to create some agreement about how this special, goopy holiday ghost formed and why it comes and goes.

Do ghosts do things while people are watching? People usually find signs of a ghost after the fact. Things often move overnight or while people are away. Goopy moves decorations around, while children are supposed to be sleeping. Santa also comes when nobody is watching. Past mischief may or may not have been done by a ghost. Like Santa, Goopy is rapidly becoming a favorite holiday minion in many households. He tries to help out, whenever and wherever he can. Engaging ghost activities and hijinks cast limitless fun to the Goopy Ghost holiday book series for children. Ghostly capers are unlikely to get old. Ghosts and ghost holidays have a treasured place in our world. Many of these stories and celebrations feature victories of good over evil. Certainly, this is true of the Hindu celebration of “Vijayadashami”. Do people know when they are witnessing the signs of a friendly visit by a ghost? Holidays and ghosts may create confusion. People may awaken to changes around them.

Do ghosts have unexplained powers? Holidays and ghosts may have unexplained powers. Readers quickly learn that Goopy is a pumpkin ghost. How does he pass through pumpkin walls? How does he fit within this goop-filled fruit of the pumpkin vine? Each unexplainable sign of a ghost's power may raise new questions. The signs of a friendly ghost sighting often change the emotions and beliefs of those seeing them. Are these ghosts trying to exchange information, news, warnings or ideas? When ghosts move through walls, carry things or move things around, are they trying to be helpful? Are ghosts are made of some physical material? “The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day” makes readers wonder if Cupid had anything to do with Goopy's birth. Did Cupid make Goopy, too? Is it possible to turn goop into gold? In The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day, this happens. Goopy also parties with leprechauns. Can people party with leprechauns, too? Would the thieves' crash the party? Invite this ghost to do unexplained things in your home. Learn about ghosts and the real ideas they can help people explore.

Can animals be ghosts? What about the barking dog in “The Goopy Ghost at Christmas”? Was it real? Why did it bark? Did the dog cower, before leaving the scene? What would a cat do as this droopy, goopy holiday ghost wanders into its next haunt? Were you to become Goopy's next host, how would you react to his signs of a friendly ghost sighting? What else could be out there? To see unexplained shadows from the corner of one's eye is an eerie phenomenon that may take on a life of its own. Imagine watching something huge crash into your living room. Is it a thing? Is it a person? Is it a ghost? What makes jingle bell sounds? Are there reindeer ghosts? Who wants to hide, while watching and waiting to learn more? The goopy holiday ghost very well may hide, too. What is behind a ghost appearance? Is it worthy of creating ghost holidays in celebration of animal ghosts? How should people celebrate animal ghost sightings? Together, children may learn a lot from the many signs of visits by the friendly ghosts in Goopy's holiday book series for children.

Can ghosts see themselves? Ghosts are different. Be sure to ask all of the ghosts you see if those ghosts can see themselves. The following video shows signs of a ghost. In Mirrors are Bad Neighbors, Goopy Ghost seems to see himself. He may not like what he sees. The words in this Goopy Ghost video are: “Mirror, mirror, can't you see? What you harbor can't be me. There is no time to whine and pout. I'll bet a dime it will grow out.” This text does not form part of any Goopy Ghost story book fun for kids. Many of the illustrations are from his pumpkin ghost stories with fun ghost sightings, traditional holiday fun and new ideas for everyday living. (33 seconds)


Signs of a Ghost in a Holiday Book Series for Children

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    The Goopy Ghost teaches children to accept the signs of a friendly ghost sighting as encouragement to experiment with new holiday traditions.

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    After reading this holiday book series for children, buying a different kind of treats might keep other ghosts away.

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      There's no need to find your pets and assure them ghost holidays are good celebrations, because they will know this to be true.