The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
January 2017 by V. R. Duin


How many of us like
The cold of the deep,
Shivering and shaking,
Chills crawl and creep?

Ghost Hunting goes under water with the Goopy Ghost and paranormal investigators in search of spooky stories for children and sunken treasures for everyone to enjoy.

Ghost hunting is designed to attract and find ghostly spirits. The Goopy Ghost happily will lead you to new ghostly friends and spooky stories for children. You might think ghosts don't need anyone, but they're all soul. So, heart-shaped chocolates, silly rhymes, and sweet nothings aside, the Goopy Ghost knows how to find a soul mate and kindred spirit to share in adventures. He also is known to widen his search and conjure up ghosts in different ways and in a different places.

Ghost hunting generally is done in spooky locations where there have been previous reports of paranormal activity. We all have heard spooky stories about haunted castles and creepy houses. Goopy may be found anywhere that pumpkins are grown, baked, carved or tossed. A Goopy goop trail will lead you to the Goopy Ghost. Invite Goopy into your home for study. The goopy goo of this bright orange spirit may inspire the children in your life to discover what substances other ghosts emit. To track down a kindred spirit in the dead of winter with nary a pumpkin patch in sight, Goopy has been known to call on friendly Cupid — on Valentine's Day, no less! With his bow and arrow at the ready, Cupid is willing to do all he can for Goopy Ghost, even if it means heading to the Southern Hemisphere.

This accomplished, isn't it time to seek out underwater callers from shipwrecks? Could there be Titanic ghosts to rescue? Could unlucky drivers be trying to escape land vehicles that plunged under water decades ago? Has anyone wondered what became of missing scuba divers and snorkelers? Are there haunted underwater ghost towns? Apart from bows and arrows, many devices used to hunt for paranormal activity come from other industries: EMF meters, voice recorders, video cameras, infrared temperature sensors and the like. This fun-loving ghost invites you to join the few daring paranormal investigators who are willing to venture into this arena.

We might spirit up some sunken treasures. We might rescue someone from a bad day. We might enter the haunt of a true-to-life phantom squid. What better welcome could anyone have to the depths of the sea? Along the way, we will prove that fun spooky stories for children also are interesting for adults. Let's find any nautical ghouls among us by taking our ghost hunts to greater depths. We might even meet the huge Goliath Grouper that sent V. R. Duin from snorkeling in the waters near a Florida seashore to virtually running on that water in her escape to land. It is thanks to that fish encounter that Goopy took on a form that should do well under water.

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