A hunt in The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day comes up with a leprechaun trapped in a cage displayed at 40% of viewport width.
January 2019 by V. R. Duin


How many of us like
the cold of the deep,
shivering and shaking,
chills, crawl and creep?

Learn about ghost hunting under water from Goopy Ghost to create life lessons and fun spooky stories for children in search of sunken treasures or mysteries of the deep.

Fun Spooky Stories for Children

Ready to Ramble? Fun times strengthen attachments to the present. They drag disquieting attention away from disturbing worries and help achieve goals. Why wonder when we can discover ghosts' hidden truths to ponder?

On the Block? Ghosts should not be considered a taboo subject. Goopy is found where pumpkins are grown, baked, carved or tossed. He has appeared on farms, in homes, in gardens and in other safe places around the world.

All the Angles? Modern ghost sightings spark vibrancy. Ghosts offer fascinating exploits with life-enhancing opportunities. Their uniqueness opens new possibilities. They prompt moves to calm everyday fears.

Shore Leave? Fun makes everyone aware of feelings of the moment. Alertness heightens with each Goopy visit. Finding new ghostly spirits adds outer consequences to the mundane. It may lead to deeper understandings.

Close-Up? Friendship is good for all souls. Compassion of friends creates a oneness of being. Inner peace comes with spending time with others. Nobody should feel alone in this universe of many faces, animals, plants and things.

Look Back? Goopy called on friendly Cupid — on his busiest day. He tracked down a kindred spirit in the dead of winter with nary a pumpkin patch in sight. Extremes of fact and fantasy form memorable background.

Soul Mates? Ghosts unite mythical and physical universes. Folks may think apparitions don't need anyone. Truly advanced souls provoke a constant search for fanciful and genuine friends, haunts and experiences.

Cut Above? The Goopy Ghost is humbled. His Ghostly Feelings stem from good deeds and credit owed to heroic friends. Selfless concern leads to social, economic and environmental benefit for everyone to live and relive.

Higher Ground? Adventurers can gather treasured memories and scare up fun tales on land or water. Their stories are sure to thrill listeners and bring feedback from fans across generations. Nobody may venture as far alone.

Learn about Ghost Hunting Under Water

Beauty and the Elements? Pumpkins need water to grow. Adventures in ghost hunting under water organized by the most natural of pumpkin sprites should bring swimming change to children. They are adventurers by nature.

High Tide? Water is a deep, wide frontier. It harbors sunken treasure troves and natural sciences. It may lead to a super level of consciousness and dream sequences. Exposed secrets conjure up fun spooky stories for children.

Working Order? Hunters do not need to start out as professionals to become experts. Ghost hunting may not be a science. Embracing and conquering fears of the unknown build knowledge, accomplishment and experience.

Go with the Flow? Downloadable apps are available to impress friends and carry aspirants from beginning to advanced expertise. Keeping visual aids secret adds mystery, letting others play along in the harmless fun for a while.

Behind the Music? Involve friends, family and coworkers in the interpretations of Ghost Sounds. Garbled messages from apps marked “for entertainment only” may stump paranormal researchers, but bore nobody.

Long Story? Valentine bows and arrows have a long history. Modern hunting devices continue to evolve: Geiger counters, EMF meters, ion detectors, voice recorders, video cameras and infrared temperature sensors.

Master Stroke? Ghost hunting may lead to new purpose. Social responsibility may be served and payment received for testing or developing new equipment. Old technology may need upgrading for ocean depths.

Manual Override? An under-water camera captures filmy images and preserves colors. An underwater writing slate and pencil enables chasers to jot down important notes. Sophisticated waterproof equipment may be costly.

Scenic Route? Waters run deep. There is no restriction on spooky locations or hours. Searches need not be limited to places with past reports. Ghost activity has no time table, time block or established schedule to follow.

Create Life Lessons

About Face? Discoveries may seem other-worldly. Orange ghostly pumpkin goop adds dimensions to study and research. It encourages explorations into substances shed by ghosts. Head trips can be done without leaving home.

On the Loose? Ghosts may awaken spiritual awareness. Their presence dates from antiquity in the Holy Bible and other great works. The morality and grace of divine entities tip priorities away from purely material causes.

Loud and Clear? Inspirational spirits manifest a natural alertness and knowledge of things past. Goopy's life lessons and spiritual sense may help avoid errors on the path to miraculous perceptions, findings and actions.

VA-VA-VOOM Service? Ghost hunting teaches the importance of time management. Ghosts appear briefly. Children live and relive the excitement of each appearance. Youthful imaginations grow with each Ghost Sighting.

Beach Day? Goopy is not just about wishful thinking. Heart-shaped chocolates, silly rhymes and sweet nothings aside, he stays to complete unfinished business. He resolves conflicts between belief and desire.

Focus Group? Everyone is touched by problems of others. People have a great sense for the suffering of others. Nobody should left behind in the whirl of daily clutter. Rescuers may provide comfort in underwater ghost towns.

Organic Forms? Environmental issues plague world waters. To serve the welfare of aquatic life requires in-depth delving. Inquiries may lead to powerful solutions for interactions that improve ecosystem conditions.

Lunar Cycle? High-rising and low-hanging stars rise with missions. Search-and-rescue beats finding barnacle-covered gold. Memorable tales develop as ghost seekers save shipwrecked ghosts, unlucky drivers and missing divers.

Home Sweet Home? Goop trails wash away during a handshake or fist bump with a fin. Goopy greatly resembles a Goliath Grouper. Imagine the welcome of beckoning tentacles to the haunt of a true-to-life phantom squid.

Forward Thinking? Scares can produce positive outcomes. A frightening, big grouper gave Goopy a form that serves well under water. Ghost trackers should enter their activities into the Goopy Action Video Challenge.