The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day
January 2019 by V. R. Duin


How many of us like
The cold of the deep,
Shivering and shaking,
Chills crawl and creep?

The Goopy Ghost teaches how ghost hunting under water in search of sunken treasures or mysteries of the deep can create life lessons and fun spooky stories for children.

Adventures in ghost hunting under water are ready to start. They are being organized by the droopiest, gooiest and most natural of ghosts. The Goopy Ghost was born of the pumpkin. Pumpkins need water to grow. This mission will explore the mysteries of the deepest of waters. It may bring up sunken treasure troves. It is sure to find ghostly spirits for ghost-hunting friends. The experience will also conjure up fun spooky stories for children. Although ghost hunting is not a science, it may lead explorers to a greater level of consciousness.

Fun makes everyone aware of the feelings at the time. Alertness heightens with visits from the Goopy Ghost. Each visit introduces friends to new ghostly spirits. It creates exciting new haunts. The friendly spirit goes forth in The Goopy Ghost of Valentine's Day to find a new ghost friend. Goopy unites the mythical and physical universe. He brings inner awareness to children and adults. The outer consequences join people in fun. Folks might think ghosts don't need anyone. Goopy shows these advanced souls may be forever in search of new friends and new haunts. Ghosts also stays behind to complete unfinished business.

The Goopy Ghost is not just about wishful thinking. Heart-shaped chocolates, silly rhymes, and sweet nothings aside, Goopy plans to find new ghostly friends. This ghost knows how to find a soul mate and kindred spirit. Children everywhere are invited to share in the hunt for new ghosts. These inspirational spirits seem to have a natural awareness. They may help create life lessons for children. Their super level of consciousness could help people do miraculous things.

The time has come to widen the search. Goopy knows how to conjure up spirited friends. His fun spooky stories for children create life lessons. Goopy challenges children in new ways and places. Children are adventurers by nature. Goopy's plan for ghost hunting under water should bring them swimming change. Ghost hunting with Goopy shows the importance of time management for achievements. Ghosts appear briefly. Children are sure to lead adults to live and relive the fun of each appearance. Ghosts under water and elsewhere in this magical world can serve everyone well. Youthful imaginations grow with each hunt on land, in air or at sea with this ghost.

Forget about spooky locations and spooky hours. Ghost hunting under water with children does not need to be limited. There is no need to search in only those places or during times with past ghost reports. There is no clock or block for ghostly activity. Once friends have studied Goopy's fun spooky stories for children, they will have a new understanding about ghosts. They will look for fun haunted homes. They can create them in comfortable places. The Goopy Ghost has appeared on farms, in homes, in gardens and in other safe places around the world.

Goopy ghost hunting can be done anytime and anywhere. Children learn life lessons. The gain experience with the Goopy Ghost. Knowledge of goopy things past may help children avoid future errors with new projects. Each clue uncovered on land or in the water leads to new information. This is sure to build a deeper level of understanding. Ghost hunting under water is a new frontier for innovative explorers. Goopy often is found where pumpkins are grown, baked, carved or tossed. Goopy's goop trail may be followed back to the fun pumpkin source. Creative folks can continue by ghost hunting under water. There may be no pumpkins, but Goopy's messy goop trail will get washed away.

Children and adults should invite Goopy into their homes. The goopy goo of this bright orange pumpkin spirit is an opportunity for ghost study and research. Goopy's goop encourages research into other substances ghosts might shed. While the discoveries may seem other-worldly, questions about the existence of ghosts are very real. Ghosts may calm everyday fears of life and death experiences. Ghosts should not be considered a taboo subject. They may hold hidden mysteries. They should not be grouped with bad things.

Ghostly findings may heighten well-being. Explorations into spiritual awareness are enlightening. Ghosts may awaken understandings of physical harmony. The presence of spiritual entities is recorded in early human history. The morality, engagement and compassion of ghosts of ages past are found in the Holy Bible and other great books. Modern ghost sightings are found in Goopy's fun spooky stories for children. Goopy invites friends on land to join this search under water. Ghost hunting is a fascinating and life-enhancing experience. The uniqueness of ghosts opens new possibilities.

Ghosts have a history. To serve as background, here is a bit of Goopy history. In one of Goopy's fun spooky stories for children, this ghost tracked down a kindred spirit in the dead of winter with nary a pumpkin patch in sight. Goopy has been known to call on friendly Cupid — on his busiest day of the year, no less! Friendship creates a healthy connectedness with others. Ghosts may tighten the bonds between people and animals on Earth.

Friendship should have no limits. With his bow and arrow at the ready, Cupid was willing to do all he could to find a friend for the Goopy Ghost on Valentine's Day. He accomplished this feat for Goopy, even though it meant conducting a paranormal investigation in the Southern Hemisphere on this very busy day for parties and celebrations of friendship. The compassion and enthusiasm of friends creates a oneness of being. Goopy not only serves to create life lessons. This ghost wants to ensure that nobody feels alone in this boundless universe of interconnected animals, plants and things.

Sophisticated detection equipment is not required. “The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day” proves that, without the help of special tools, a new ghost may be found. Moreover, friendly, new ghosts, like the Goopy Ghost, are sure to improve celebrations with friends and family. Fun times strengthen an attachment to the present. Friends drag disquieting attention away from disturbing, existing problems. These escapes help accomplish challenging future goals.

Friendship is good for all souls. Quiet, inner peace comes with spending time with others. This is firmly established by joint activities with Goopy's books, videos, website and social media posts. Goopy's friends should welcome this invitation to join together under water. It is important to rescue lost souls. Nobody should left behind in the whirl of daily clutter. Along the way, fun spooky stories for children are sure to develop. Children can tell memorable tales of their heroic ghost hunting missions to future generations.

Saving lost souls is meaningful. Search and rescue is more important than hauling up barnacle-covered gold. Ghost hunting under water could lead to shipwrecked ghosts in need of rescue. The ghost hunting team could lend a hand to unlucky drivers trapped in land vehicles. The poor souls could have plunged under water decades ago. Imagine the relief of family members when ghost hunting under water returns their missing scuba diver or snorkeler. Everyone is touched by the problems of others.

Why wonder when we can discover? Who wouldn't like to explore underwater ghost towns? This ghost hunting could scare up another rescue mission. People have a great sense for the suffering of others. Rescuers can provide comfort. Friendly nautical ghouls could lead our ghost hunting to greater depths under. Greater depths are as important as greater heights. Surely, not everything down there is fishy or scary. Whether they are high-rising or low-hanging, stars are everywhere. Extremes of fact and fantasy come together in Goopy's fun spooky stories for children. Celebrate the oneness of nature with the Goopy Ghost.

Beings and activities seem often join for mutual benefit. The bows and arrows used in Goopy's Valentine book have a long history of other uses. Many modern devices used to hunt for ghosts come from other industries. Geiger counters, EMF meters, ion detectors, voice recorders, video cameras and infrared temperature sensors are some of them. Ghosts may help people channel and unite energies to benefit everyone in the world.

Ghost hunting may give rise to a new purpose. Social responsibility may be served and payment received for testing and developing new equipment. Old technology may not work for ghost hunting under water. New equipment may be needed for searches in other extreme locations. New discoveries and personal growth may come with ghost hunting expeditions into the unknown. This fun-loving, goopy, orange ghost invites everyone to venture into the deepest, wettest and darkest of ghost hunts. Ghost detectors are sure to come up with activities and material for their own fun spooky stories for children. Society advances with joint accomplishments and magical discoveries.

Imagine the delight of spiriting up some sunken treasures or mysteries of the deep. Imagine the heroism of rescuing someone from a bad day! The Goopy Ghost is humbled by the credit owing to heroic friends. Good deeds throughout the world create life lessons for children. Ghost hunting under water is healthy, pioneering fun. This ghost's force of selfless concern should lead everyone to work for greater social, economic and environmental benefit.

Venturing under water should lead to deeper meaning. Environmental problems plague the waters of the world. Serving the welfare of water life may come with underwater exploration. These hunts may lead to powerful solutions for the ecosystem. Ideas and inventions to improve the environment may surface with the experience. Imagine the interesting new friends awaiting down there. Before ghost hunting under water comes to an end, Goopy is sure to prove that fun spooky stories for children also are intriguing for adults.

Ghost hunters do not need to start out as professionals to become experts. Embracing and conquering fear of the unknown can build great knowledge and experience. It can be exciting, too. Who doesn't want to extend a handshake or fist bump with a fin? Imagine touching the fins of the huge Goliath Grouper that drove V. R. Duin out of the water while snorkeling along a Florida seashore. Imagine the thrill of entering the haunt of a true-to-life phantom squid! What better welcome could anyone receive from the depths of the sea than the beckoning of giant squid tentacles?

Scares can lead to good results. That frightening, big grouper gave the Goopy Ghost a form that should serve well for ghost hunting under water. Surely, there can be nothing fishy about a pumpkin ghost that somewhat resembles a Goliath Grouper. What else could be down there to capture our fancy? Craft a plan to explore the unknown. Ghost hunters of every age should record and enter their activities into The Goopy Action Video Challenge. Pumpkins and goopy, droopy pumpkin ghosts come together to make fun spooky stories for children.

Earn “likes” on social media. How many other people do you see boasting about ghost activities? Use downloadable ghost hunting apps on cellphones. Blend professional paranormal language and polished visual displays of data and images to create life lessons and fun spooky stories for children. Impress friends and attract followers. Apps may carry ghost hunters from beginning to advanced levels of expertise. Keeping these electronic aids secret, for a while, can add mystery to harmless fun.

Capture garbled messages. Create life lessons for children in Irish limerick verse for a challenge. Involve alienated friends, family and coworkers in sound interpretations. Secrets often are used to draw people into films, books and art. At first, nobody needs to be told when these ghost apps are labeled as being “for entertainment only”. Since it may be impossible to destroy these spirited sounds, there likely will come a time when the sources must be revealed. Otherwise, these messages may complicate life for paranormal researchers. However, nobody is likely to be bored to death with the adventures in sound.

Capture filmy images. Encounters with friendly phantoms of the deep are sure to create filming opportunities for children. A camera that works under water will preserve color as fun spooky stories for children develop during ghost hunting under water. An underwater writing slate and pencil may help jot down important notes about the adventure. Bear in mind that it may require significant added cost to waterproof equipment to record ghost activities under water.

Dive into Ghost Hunting with Goopy. Lure adventurers from dry land into the water. Active living creates attachments and builds authenticity for all lives. With or without professional paranormal divers, friends are sure to come up with treasured memories from ghost hunting adventures with the Goopy Ghost. Who doesn't want to exit the water with lots of new, fun spooky stories for children and grandchildren? Whether these adventures stay under water or end up on dry land, the stories of these activities should thrill listeners and viewers for many generations to come.

Fun Spooky Stories for Children

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    Fun Spooky stories for children can be lived and relived.

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    Ghost hunting under water can scare up fun spooky ghost stories for children and adults.

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      The Goopy Ghost creates life lessons by carrying ghost hunting and fun spooky ghost stories to places where nobody may venture on their own.