The Goopy Ghost at Christmas
February 2019 by V. R. Duin


The orange ghost was friendly
And smiled at Santa's elf,
But the elf was very scared
And ran to save himself.
(“The Goopy Ghost at Christmas”)

Learn to bust good ghosts with the Goopy Ghost of ghostly pumpkin goop for fun ghost busting with children. Solve the ghostbusters goop riddle of the day.

Creative freedom and remixing ideas give clues for the riddle of the day. Goopy is on the roam to find a pumpkin home that isn't squashed, carved, baked or on fire. Ghost busting fuels international festivals.

Ghostbusters feel no danger with Goopy's entertainment. There is no black magic, voodoo, hoodoo or sorcery from the occult with this fun-loving spirit. He projects trick-or-treating spirit.

Ghosts capture young imaginations. Children enjoy concocting tales of fantasy about the orange essence of the pumpkin. Goopy is positive, animating, festive, sportive, resourceful and wildly fun.

The unknown may be more instructive than the known. Children may bust ghosts with greater ease than adults. In their fanciful, inventive lives, children use whimsy. Drudgery and routine stunt performance and growth.

Ghosts promote thinking. They foster an appreciation for the magic of life. They embolden children to notice and ponder new things. Imaginative learning experiences are beneficial for ghost detectors of all ages.

Successful people find things that are not obvious to others. Fun ghost busting with children may enhance flexible inquiry and thinking skills. It is sure to be a pleasurable escape.

Ghosts help separate truth from fiction in our magical, enchanted world. Falsehoods get debunked. Inspections, consultations and motivating forces scare troubles away.

Children don't need be born in October to sing the praises of ghostly pumpkin goop delights. From his first “Boo!”, Goopy offers unforgettable lessons. Halloween is his birthday.

Scary entities are not gratifying lesson material. Goopy leads young imagination from evil and terror. Purification continues after game's end. Clean always is the right answer.

Replacing fear with strength overcomes struggles between good and bad. Rituals free people, places and things of unwelcome, uninvited sentiments. Problems fester in weakness.

Outside service providers may be helpful. The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomenon,, does systematic research into paranormal reports.

Praiseworthy ghosts give firmness of purpose. Mistake, nightmarish experiences and vision problems are not constructive. Goopy imparts kindness. Witnesses celebrate his high-minded works.

Goopy goo is spectacularly messy. Special sanitation is unnecessary. Ghostly pumpkin goop is as utilitarian as ghostbusters goop. Nobody hurries to clear rooms of this toy-like substance.

Question psychics, investigators, witnesses and detectors. Learn what equipment they use. Can it be rendered more effective? Benefit from their experience and training. Innovate on steadfast approaches.

Questions help to avert hidden dangers. Questions lead to advances in industry and science. Questions aid understandings of differences, illnesses and experiences.

New experiences enlighten and fine-tune problem solving. Ghost-buster activity encourages adults and children to expand networks. Goopy's presence is a reminder to celebrate each day with awe.

Special equipment is not required to bust pumpkin ghosts. To not anger anyone, effort should be performed in a trustworthy, mindful and skilled manner. Ghostly pumpkin goop lends positive energy.

Pumpkins harbor seeds of evolution and wonder. Children cultivate valuable theory from seed-filled pulp. Today's science may prove antiquated with their discoveries. Make ghost busting an educational tradition.

Setting out sweet treats and pretending to fall asleep may attract this ghost. Goopy may stay in a comfortable haunt. His unexplained mysteries and hijinks offer hope for miracle and solution.

Goopy is frightened by unattended fires. He also avoids cold, drenching rains. Children should invite this delightful, sticky spirit to come inside. Unpleasant conditions rarely interfere with indoor activities.

Goopy has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. He can eat his weight in chocolates and sweets. Exact science is tricky. Inventors often keep ideas secret for their own use.

Those, who bust Goopy, should keep their findings to themselves. He visits and revisits, giving friends new occasions to strengthen relationships while discovering new things.

Ghost busting is more exciting when everyone participates. Enchanting sprites carry important messages of unity. Nobody should be left behind. Share creative experiences and investigative reports.

Ghosts may aid spiritual evolution. They may be the first to arrive and the last to leave a story hall. Sightings are sure to produce different experiences to share and compare.

Fun ghost busting may teach coping skills. After darkness overtakes their bedrooms, children may have trouble going to bed. Problems with no easy explanations encourage perseverance.

This spirit wants to rally everyone into believing. According to <cite></cite>, a recent Harris poll showed only 42 percent of Americans to be believers. Organize as crowds, clubs or groups.

Seek intelligence from ghosts. Yes, no and maybe answers delivered by reflexive response may border on science. They offer no direction. The Hungry Ghost Festival of Hungry Ghost Month in China is stimulating.

Get insights for success. The U. S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor discusses practice, risk-taking and trial and error in Careers for Creative People.

Stress, frustration and bad feedback can be proven wrong. Blockbuster films obtain outstanding reviews and awards. These give rise to sequels and allied products.

It is important to start early in quests for satisfying life missions. When the remaining four titles are added to the collection, readers can build stronger Goopy foundations.

Enjoy a garden variety of opportunities. Ghost detectors should record fun ghost busting with children for The Goopy Action Video Challenge.