Goopy Ghost brings Roman mythology gods Mercury, Cupid and Mars to Valentine's Day storytelling art, displayed at 40% of viewport width.
July 2020 by Terry Verduin


The message passed to Mercury,
whose winged helmet and feet
carried him far beyond the stars,
a messenger most elite!
(The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day)

Twist silly stories for kids camping to add morals or spin out funny scary campfire ghost stories. Add ghostly spirits to ghoul and fright for horror stories adults tell at a campfire.

Funny Scary Campfire Ghost Stories?

Golden Hour? In the still of the darkest nights, phantoms can be showy or subtle. Stories can fill with humor and whimsy or ghoul and fright. They can relay soft messages. Lively campfire spirits keep the embers alive.

Glory Daze? Stories collect no complaints at friendly gatherings. Adults relive childhoods. Kids gain exposure to the wide-open outdoors. Ghost stories around a campfire are easy and enjoyable to plan or improvise.

Contributors? Stories handed down for generations preserve traditions, challenge conceptions and stoke artistic form. Eerie yarns of creepy haunts can be made spooky for scream-seekers or funny for kids and wisecracks.

Special Addition? Ghost stories deliver fun moments to friends and families. Who doesn't love a good story about ghosts and their circumstances? These suspenseful tales carry everyone to the undead edge of the unknown.

Setting the Scene?

Wild Country? Stories glow through darkness in remote, wild places. Weak canvas tents and open fire pits make captivating backgrounds. Creeping, crawling, poking touches are not exclusive to fall or Halloween.

The Plot Thickens? When zeal wilts for pandemic pumpkin patches, gardeners should not throw in the towel. While not ideal for World War II Victory Gardens, dead and shriveled plants truly bloom in ghostly haunts.

Props? Moldy old decorations need not be pulled from cob-webbed boxes. Severed limbs, skulls, skeletons, spiders, tombstones and fake black cats bring distracting bulk and weight to storied effects.

Free Spirit? Stories to tell at a campfire are free. Forget disguises, music or specialty decorations. From ashes and mist, storytellers conjure up enchantment. Ghosts need no invitation to join free-for-all leisure breaks.

Storied History?

Honorable? Christians celebrated All Saints Day, or All Hallows Day on November 1st. It honored people who had gone to Heaven. Hallow means holy. It eventually evolved into Halloween festivities and traditions.

Perpetual? Bonfires and costumes from Celtic heritage likely kindled the restless Halloween spirit. Scaring Up Fun tugs folks together, heightening closeness. Crying in terror and screaming hysterically are arts of the scream.

Double Take? Ghost stories around the campfire fashion special events from rustic outings. Appropriate spirits enhance the character, mood and location of the amusement. Plots buoyantly progress person-to-person.

Chain Reaction? Participants may come up with Halloween costume ideas. Tales of ghouls and specters fill time between parties and neighborhood parades, generating buzz and magic for a holiday some folks love to hate.

Bump in the Night?

Boycotts? Smiling jack-o-lanterns teach little ones to recognize neighbors in the community as friendly forces. Those, who find fault in Halloween, should not overlook the positive benefits of group gatherings and pursuits.

Scorned by Some? Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate no holidays, birthdays or icons. Orthodox Jews hold Halloween in contempt due to the Christian origins. Some Christians associate it with Satanism or Paganism.

Dealer's Choice? The Motion Picture Association of American Film Rating System would not rate wildly imaginative, goopy thrills or shenanigans as PG-13 or R, requiring parental caution, guidance and accompaniment.

Color Guard? Move over Casper the Friendly Ghost and Great Pumpkin. Nothing negative or rowdy comes with Goopy's birth from goop to ghost. Pumpkin growing and harvest bring wild escapes with seed-filled haunts.

Silly Stories for Kids Camping?

Creative Class? Silly campfire ghost stories are an art. Creepy fun can be guided by parental discretion. Stories tame the wildest imaginations. Before the lights go out, silliness can calm the tone of any shock or scare.

Dreamscapes? Goopy Ghost ideas add life to parties with fun goop for creative uses and new places. His fascinating goop-filled productions adapt to the weather, time of year and people present. Everyone will want a role.

Pure Poetry? Ghost formulations come naturally. Wee sprites with big hearts stir up good results. Rhyme challenges boundaries. The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day is written entirely in rollicking Irish limerick verse.

Screen Test? Screen-free nights sweep away harsh problems of civilization. Snug chill spaces warm to ghosts. Creative juices turn enlightening spirits loose in mini-vacation spots. Cues abound in nature.

Supernatural Spirits?

Super Natural? Nature-inspired storytelling revives animal spirits. Colors and textures can change like octopuses. Options are fabulous for calls, bugles or roars of the wild in ghost stories to tell at a campfire.

Classics Revealed? The fiction and drama of ghostly powers are magical. They awaken possibilities, perceptions, insights and beliefs. The potential and influence sparked by supernatural entities shape lives.

Idea Lab? Funny campfire stories can be hilarious! Imagine Goopy scaring off a predator. Can he reboot as a wild animal? Animals sharing his flaming orange color include baboons, crabs, fish, Gila monsters and tigers.

Anything Goes? All-occasion outfits are perfect. Storytellers can wear warm, fuzzy clothing or get down to basics. Forget manias or trends. Quick-change ideas suit forests, mountains, deserts, jungles or beaches.

Celestial Channels?

Maze? Stars extend from ancient mythology to modern astronomy. Stargazing gives and punctuates ideas: spirits piloting shooting stars, coming and going from space stations or peering down from constellations.

Astronomy? The science of celestial objects, origins and evolutions has been pondered since antiquity. Comets, galaxies, moons, planets, stars and cosmic phenomenon help shed light on transient human events.

Zodiac Energy? A Pew Research Center forum survey from 2009 found one-in-four American adults to believe in astrology. Stories about ghosts with different zodiac personalities, moods and abilities may become big hits.

New Age Beliefs? The zodiac is based on the Chinese calendar. Chinese astrology is an ancient practice that keeps growing. In 2018, the Pew Research Center, 60% of millennials believe in New Age spirituality.

Tent City?

Power Play? Backyard camping can bring out scary neighbors or authorities. It is illegal to pitch permanent tents on some properties for sleepovers. It is not illegal to stage an evening cookout around a temporary tent.

Inclement Weather? Kids' play tents, tepees and tunnels work magic indoors. Inventiveness erupts from eerie settings across floors. After partying, guests can return home for cozy, scare-free bedtimes.

City Slickers? Kings and Sultans loaded tents with creature comforts. Elaborate, upscale tents for glamorous, luxurious glamping help withstand the elements in solid retreats to the wild with desirable amenities.

Wanderlust? Tented resorts are popping up everywhere. National parks and private campgrounds facilitate communes with nature. Tents and yurts, with circular frames, insulate modern nomads from wind and rain.

Roughing It?

Solo Acts? Tents come in frame or pole construction. Frame tents stand up on their own. They do not have poles or stakes dug into the ground. To avoid downhill tumbles or water rushes, tents should be pitched on level ground.

Wilipini? Brave souls can construct these underground greenhouses for year-round fresh produce. Plastic roof sheeting minimizes design costs, while maximizing solar power to extend the growing season.

Directors: Cut! Local zoning issues reach outdoors. Rustic shacks, zip lines, elevated platforms, wood-burning stoves, hidden toilets, outside showers and electric or cable hookups may not be sanctioned by law.

Glow-Getters? Alternative grilling may be required. Charcoal and gas open-fire grills are illegal in places. Electric grills safely smoke food in small inside or outside spaces. Using them may not break rules or laws.

Storied Treats?

Right Confections? Child and Adult campfire ghost stories prompt everyone to beg for s'mores. This sweet outdoor treat is named by popular request. S'mores recipe chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers are simple.

Sorbet Style? Roasted marshmallows melt chocolate into interesting shapes. Sticky messes morph onto graham crackers and clothes. Parents disturbed by sugar rushes surrender as kids bemoan icky, bland, low-sugar spin offs.

Pumpkin Roast? Everyone may be familiar with roasted pumpkin seeds. Pie pumpkins also can be roasted. There are risks in recycling a carved pumpkin. Pumpkins of a smaller size will cook during story time.

Midnight Snacks? Ideal snacks for on-the-go life are chocolate, fruit, cereal, granola bars, mixed nuts, trail mix and vegetable sticks. Peanut butter, jelly and bread also will keep without refrigeration.

Horror Stories Adults Tell at a Campfire

Peak Season? Campfire stories for kids and adults are ageless. Storytelling delivers an adrenaline rush, without risk or challenge of physical danger. Spoken words deliver no bodily contact, impact or injury.

Culture Club? Campfire ghost stories for adults and children strengthen bonding. Awareness of bugs, shadows, smoke and sparks rises with sounds after nightfall. Impactful camp-out horror tales belong to ghosts.

Craft Work? Fright nights can be built around a circus of themes. Limits of grossness, terror and horror need not be reached. Stories can accommodate listeners of all ages. Fantasy is equally startling and emboldening.

Ghastly Monsters? A scary weapon comes to life in the woods, making the worst of nightmares come true. Friends and family start to disappear from around the fire pit. Will anyone be left to finish the story?

Benefits for All

Divine Intervention? Campfire horror stories awaken a healthy “fight or flight” reflex, raise alertness and hone protective skills. Gritty, untamed bravery, psychology and defenses may come in handy for future needs.

Depth Finders Ghosts remind us everything cannot be seen. Atoms, molecules, formulas and gases teach everyone to look beyond surfaces. With ghost stories children are exposed to invisible dimensions of things.

Confidence and Trust? Confidence stems from faith in something or someone. Trust lends illuminating strength to successfully get listeners and observers through difficult moments. Ghost stories build both.

Lesson Plan? Kids learn the meaning of words specific to ghosts and ghost stories. They develop opinions about the existence of ghosts and similar creatures. Most of all, they learn to pleasure of hearing and telling stories.


Video Transcript

This is a brief reading from The Goopy Ghost at Christmas by V. R. Duin

Goopy wandered down a hall
That was dark, plain, and dreary
So the ghost began adding things
To make it bright and cheery.

Lilly watched from her bed as
That orange ghost used its goo
To paste ornaments on the wall
So they stuck like with glue!

Back and forth went Goopy
Admiring its new art
With dancing and gliding steps
That showed a happy heart.

“These are some of the miracles of Christmas seen through a child and a wee ghost. There also is a dog in the story. Goopy hugs everyone.”