The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day
July 2017 by V. R. Duin


The message passed to Mercury,
Whose winged helmet and feet
Carried him far beyond the stars,
A messenger most elite!
(“The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day”)

Make up scary campfire ghost stories or embellish an existing one. When children are present, add new twists to create funny ghost stories told person-to-person around the campfire.

An evening gathering of friends calls for funny or scary campfire ghost stories to spark conversation and pull people closer. As night falls, the air fills with smoke, sparks and unrecognized sounds. When children are present, telling funny ghost stories around the campfire tames wild imaginations. Hints of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and spiders heighten awareness of the looming darkness. Could these instead be the touches of ghosts closing in around the campfire? The campfire season truly belongs to ghosts. Is the white haze around the campfire really smoke, or have ghosts joined the party?

Every ghost story told around the campfire should come with s'mores and a cup of hot chocolate. Here is a Smores Recipe for your next campfire. Popular in the United States and in Canada, these traditional nighttime campfire treats should have everyone asking for “some more”. Sandwiched between graham crackers, fire-roasted marshmallows will melt chocolate, warm hearts and fuel the imaginations of campfire storytellers of all ages. S'mores set the stage for scary campfire ghost stories told among adults or for funny ghost stories told among children.

Whether scary or funny, campfire ghost stories provide escape from the uncomfortable darkness of an overnight stay in a wild place. A ghost story draws attention from a a feeble and unprotected tent to a powerful and everlasting haunt. In this storied space, there may not be any poisonous snakes, lizards or intrusions of bears, coyotes, panthers and wolves. The story may frighten just a little. The weather, the time of year and the people around the campfire can affect the mood of these stories. Telling ghost stories is a tradition handed down through the ages. Why not spark the imaginations of future generations with story ideas from the Goopy Ghost?

The Goopy Ghost offers funny ghost stories for children that are not too scary. Children love the cheerful spirit of this fun-loving ghost. A ghost from the pumpkin goop? Why didn't anyone think of this before? These unique stories also fascinate adults. Move over Casper the Friendly Ghost and The Great Pumpkin. Bring on wildly imaginative and slightly spooky fun for little ones on a wild escape from the routine. In the still of the darkest of nights, a ghost should be ghoulish and greedy. A ghost story told around the campfire does not need a moral, but Goopy's stories always have one. A children's campfire ghost story should be as filled with humor and whimsy as it is with ghoul and fright. A gooey little ghost should come with an especially big heart.

A children's ghost story can be downright funny! What would the Goopy Ghost do when faced with a wild animal? What would happen if this droopy, goopy, orange form were to transform into a wild animal? Animals of Goop's flaming orange color include baboons, tigers, crabs, fish and gila monsters. In less than a second, octopuses can turn orange and change texture for storytellers. Oh, my! The Goopy Ghost can change form to suit any campfire setting. Story ideas grace Goopy's social media posts and tweets. Fun ideas also abound on this website and in each book. “The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day” is full of quick-change ideas. The fun spirit of good ghost stories told around the campfire will keep the embers alive.


  • scary campfire ghost stories admin says:

    Make up scary campfire ghost stories with appropriate spirits for the character, mood and location of the gathering.

  • Funny Ghost Stories admin says:

    Add an animal, a moral or a touch of humor to the ghoul and fright to create funny campfire ghost stories for children.

    • around the campfireadmin says:

      Add new twists to ghost stories as the plots progress person-to-person around the campfire.