Valentine Comprehension
Accelerated Reader Questions

Build Early Learning Skills

The book and matching accelerated reader questions for children merge fantasy and reality. The combination encourages budding readers to develop and display early literary excellence. Children enjoy proving their ability to skillfully work to the right answers. Along the way, they are practicing online test-taking skills for school.

This time of chocolate, flowers and cards with red hearts is perfect for a self-improvement splurge. Goopy's educational materials build Valentine comprehension, guide relationships and diversify exposures. Mythical acts of friendship offer intriguing lessons and set positive tones for reading and learning.

Goopy paves way to the true meaning of Valentines. The educational book inspires friendship and passion for discovery. The initial pass through will not be the last. Each examination leads to further study and practice. Children advance developmental skills. The full series sweetens everyday living and learning.

The scoring and answer key at the end of each quiz challenges children to build early learning skills. There are only five multiple-choice questions, but they are interesting to answer. “Get Score” immediately delivers correct answers and a percentage scoring result. “Reset Quiz” lets children beat their own record.

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day

This story proves no holiday is complete without a wee and gooey ghost to liven things up. Cupid helps the Goopy Ghost track down a kindred spirit with a good soul. Children learn constructive, yet spirited ideas about making friends. Ghouls rule in this energetic blend of contemporary poetry and Roman mythology.

Reward success and make education hands-on. Leave selection of the next Goopy Ghost title to winning accelerated readers. Goopy's activities are split between print and online media. Learning takes on the spirit of fun and games. Graduate to the intrigue of action-packed educational material on his website.

The Goopy Ghost at Valentine's Day and the brief quiz build comprehension. Comprehension means understanding. Children explore the meaning of Valentine's Day, while celebrating existing and new friendships. As with new understandings, making friends takes some doing. Goopy proves both efforts are worthwhile.

Goopy Ghost steps into children's festivities for Valentine's Day with a world of new ideas. Creative thinking and new friendships grow. The friendly quizzes enable adults to subtly monitor the reading progress and comprehension skills of beginning readers. The questions and answers spur adults to read the book and be in the know.

1. Goopy was lonely, because:

The party had ended.
No friends or family were around.
The cantaloupe was ruined.
Everyone was sleeping.
The horse ran away.

2. Cupid showed Goopy that:

A party is fine without friends.
Mars does not get angry.
Friends are not easy to make.
Fruits and vegetables are good party foods.
Horses make good friends.

3. Mushy caused problems by:

Riding away on the horse.
Popping out of a cantaloupe.
Knowing too much about having fun.
Twisting and twirling.
Eating too much candy.

4. At the end of the party:

Cupid stayed and stayed.
Mushy left in a hurry.
Goopy left in a hurry.
Goopy wanted to ride the horse.
Goopy wanted more friends.

5. Goopy proves that:

Anyone can ride a horse.
Pumpkins can be found all year.
Friends come from cantaloupes.
Friends and family matter the most.
Ghosts do not need friends.

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