Fun Reading Comprehension Tests for Kids
Thanksgiving Accelerated Reader Questions

Children like problem solving, so V.R. Duin provides Thanksgiving Accelerated Reader Questions that prompt them to learn all of the right answers. Slip these fun reading comprehension tests for kids into focused learning efforts. Reward the correct answers of the winning child. Allow him or her to pick the next Goopy Ghost educational adventure.

These brief, fun comprehension quizzes are available for every Goopy title. Read the book, then take the quiz to make a game of learning. After children read Goopy Ghost stories, they are proud to prove how much they have learned and remembered about their holiday book reading. Adults can monitor success with early home studies and digital exercises.

The Thanksgiving book shows children not to fear new places, new assignments or new lifestyles. As this ghost appears, disappears and reappears, children and adults are drawn to his adventurous haunts. Goopy Ghost books, videos and reading quizzes prevent Thanksgiving from sliding into Christmas. The promote growth with at home reading.

Since giving thanks is appropriate throughout the year, the book and corresponding quiz provide year-round reading and learning fun. Leave routine drills with Goopy's adventurous books and online exercises. “Get Score” gives a percentage score and answer key. Then, hitting “Reset Quiz” lets children practice, again.

The Goopy Ghost at Thanksgiving Book

Goopy rises from a pumpkin shell to save Thanksgiving at the Brown family home. The spirited book offers an engaging and entertaining way to encourage young children everywhere to overcome fears, from thunderstorms to goopy ghosts. Positive and playful, the book explores the meaning of Thanksgiving

Adults and children are delighted each time Goopy reappears from the pumpkins. Everyone is sure to give thanks for the reading help and holiday reading games conjured up by this bright orange spirit. His festive and imaginative books are unlikely to disappear into bookshelf clutter. Children want this spirited ghost around day after day.

1. Goopy went to the Brown's home, because:

It was hot outside.
The pumpkin was squashed.
Goopy wanted to celebrate.
Goopy wanted to be alone.
Goopy was cold.

2. Pa Brown invited Goopy inside, because:

It was raining.
The family was lonely.
Dinner was finished.
The animals were inside.
It was cold outside.

3. Pa and Ma Brown worried, because:

The ghost was frightening.
The water was rising fast.
The animals had not eaten.
The children had nothing to do.
They did not have any pumpkins.

4. Goopy helped Pa Brown:

Free the animals.
Wash the dishes.
Calm the children.
Clean up the water.
Feed the animals.

5. Goopy proves that:

Thanksgiving can be any day.
Thanksgiving only can be at home.
Thanksgiving is only for people.
Thanksgiving cannot be held when it is raining.
Thanksgiving can only be held on Thanksgiving Day.

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