St. Patrick Accelerated Reader Questions

Create Self-Motivated Readers

Create self-motived readers and improve early language development skills with catchy verse and meaningful content. Inject pleasure into learning with Goopy's St. Patrick Day book and corresponding accelerated reader questions. The Irish limerick verse of The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day is welcome departure from the boring, flat, age-based words in programmed frequencies and repetitions for classroom drills.

Set the tone for home studies. Read the book, then leap into the brief online multiple-choice questions. Simply click “Get Score” for the correct answers and scoring. Hitting “Reset Quiz” restarts the session. Getting the right answers encourages practice and builds test-taking skills. Give winning children a sense of command over their education. Let them pick the next Goopy tale in the series.

The limerick verse, with which Goopy' St. Patrick's Day book is written in entirety, teaches early learners to put words together for pure enjoyment. Limericks are a rare and unique literary form attributed to the county of Limerick in Ireland. They offer funny, lively and uncommon word patterns. This rollicking style promotes a lifetime of reading. The rhythm captures attention of children with diverse cognitive styles.

Children develop active, spirited connections with Goopy. His wit and antics add merriment to lessons. Children read and re-read about his interesting haunts and capers. A willingness to read builds vocabulary and comprehension. Motivated readers actively engage. Youngsters want to do better in the presence of this ghost. As important life skills improve, children graduate to his website articles.

Accelerated reader questions draw playful content from holiday adventure. Reading and testing combinations promote language and comprehension development. The brief tests of knowledge seem like pleasurable games to beginning readers. Goopy turns everyday living and learning into a leprechaun party for adults and kids. To maintain interest, activities are split between print and online media.

Few readers are exposed to the structure and meter of classic read-aloud verse. Deviation from routines prompts kids to write their own collections of delightful, humorous, rhyming poems. Following Goopy's high jinx is a spectacular way to get ideas. The story inspires kids to rehearse, record and play readings for others. If they are shy about performing, adults can initiate the exercise. Listeners will hit replay.

Save limericks motivated by this holiday ghost. Whether written by adults or by children, these works of art should be treasured for generations. Consider this invitation from Limerick. It welcomes limericks back “home”. Accept the limerick challenge to develop language and writing skills.

The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day

This tale follows the Goopy in the rescue of a leprechaun. When the ghost changes form, thieves unwittingly lead him to the leprechaun's stolen pot of gold. It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to have ghost, limerick and leprechaun fun. Capture the imaginations of young ones to spark daily learning.

1. Goopy is looking for a leprechaun:

To get some wishes.
To catch some thieves.
To find some gold.
To stay up late.
To party with the leprechauns.

2. Goopy finds the leprechaun:

Inside a tree.
In a trap.
Doing cartwheels and dancing.
Trying to find missing gold.
At home with friends.

3. Goopy and the leprechaun work together to:

Catch the thieves and get the gold back.
Make new gold to replace the missing gold.
Learn more about this special day.
Learn more about leprechauns.
Catch the thieves so they can make more gold.

4. Goopy uses the three wishes from the leprechaun to:

Party with the leprechauns without problems.
Teach the leprechaun how to dance.
Teach the thieves how to find a job.
Teach the leprechaun how to pay for things.
To make more friends.

5. Goopy proves that:

Leprechauns are not much fun.
Sharing and fairness are important.
Once a thief, always a thief.
Fake money is good payment.
Ghosts do not know how to make friends.

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