Christmas Accelerated Reader Questions

Take Kids from Paper to Action

Uniform Look? The book and online multiple-choice quiz keep study-to-understanding thinking and problem-solving alive. Goopy captures imaginations with educational tools. Free of hoops to jump through or anything boring, parents share in goo-goo-good will and positive example.

Master of Suspense? Adults have no fear when children scare up the Goopy Ghost. His text, online testing and video viewing adventures are safe. Folks explore holiday subjects on his website. This fantastic role model inspires reading, learning and projects for families to enjoy together.

On the Sunny Side? The Goopy Ghost at Christmas aligns traditions with progress. This festive team player slips meaningful reading and self-improvement into the long, winter break from school. Early readers extend pleasurable moments by conjuring up ghostly fun throughout the year.

Fun Christmas Reading Exercises for Kids

Yottabyte? Subtle life lessons are Christmas magnets. Convenient online experiences build tech savvy. After reading the story, children fill in the blanks. “Get Score” delivers an answer key, correct responses and precise scoring percentages. “Reset Quiz” reboots exploration and unstoppable learning.

High Fidelity? The spirit-lifting story and corresponding assessment keep inquiry, empathy and communication in the air. Critical analysis is an imaginative exercise. Adults can play along. Team activity keeps young readers ahead of their class. Educational match-up victories build digital and study skills.

Magical? Practice enhances reading comprehension skills. Kids read the book, then reset the challenge, over and over. The whole time, they feel like they're playing adventure games. Living and learning become full-time holiday haunts. Winners can pick the next title to reward success and self-management.

The Goopy Ghost at Christmas

Contemplate Life Ride? This tale delivers a holiday ghost to the home of a mother and daughter. The child asks to keep the “spirit” of the season. The mother needs convincing. When Goopy stows away in Santa's sack, everyone receives merry wishes. Hope is delivered for his return in the New Year.

All Seasons? Competitive screen tests show knowledge, build life skills and give thrilling escapes. Spirited story passages spark interpersonal relationships and group activities. This book series should not be packed away with holiday decorations. A puzzling host of experiences is left to scrutinize and explain.

Stand-Up Act? In response to a calls to remove holiday content from schools, Terry Verduin (Pen name: V. R. Duin) set up this portfolio of Web and literary properties. This diverse content offers welcome re-branding potential for independent producers of family entertainment.

1. This must have been Goopy's first Christmas, because:

A barking dog scared the ghost.
The decorations seemed new to the ghost.
There was a tree outside.
The cookies and candy were good.
Everyone else was sleeping.

2. Goopy should not have eaten Santa's cookies, because:

They should only be eaten with milk.
Santa got mad.
Christmas is a time for sharing.
The dog wanted them.
Lilly baked them.

3. Goopy slipped into Santa's sack while:

Santa was emptying it.
Santa was resting after finishing his work.
Santa was going up the chimney.
Santa was coming down the chimney.
Before Santa drank the milk.

4. Lilly wrote to Santa Claus, because:

She wondered where the ghost had gone.
She wanted the ghost to visit, again.
She was mad at the ghost.
She wanted the ghost to give the cookies back.
Her mother wanted to thank the ghost.

5. Goopy proves that:

Anyone can learn to be helpful.
Goopy goop is welcome everywhere.
Ghosts never scare anyone.
Sleigh rides are always fun.
Trees grow inside houses.

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